Toy Grit Toy Grit

Toy Grit

A clever mash-up of Toy Story 3 visuals and dialogue from the upcoming Coen Brothers’ True Grit.

(Thanks, Gary Meyer)

  • Obviously there’s a good chunk of Toy Story 2 in there as well.

    I have to wonder why Toy Story is such a frequent target of trailer mash-ups. Toy Story visuals are to movie trailer mashups as Beatles backing tracks are to music mashups.

  • Hal

    Has anyone done a TOY STORY 2 / THE SEARCHERS mashup yet? Wouldn’t be pop-culture savvy but sure would be apropo…

  • This mash up is good enough for me; it is good enough for you, and if it isn’t good enough for some movie company, then the free enterprise system is really going to hell.

  • Bob Harper

    I can’t stop laughing – makes me want to see True Grit even more and to see Toy Story 3 again. Nice job!!!

  • Sarah

    That was cool.

  • Clutch

    Hey, according to Glenn Beck aren’t these remix things government funded?????? Nazi Commies!!

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik


  • pretty nice. I Gotta say, The Dark Knight one was better though…

  • As one who worked on “Toy Story2,” I can say this had me in tears. Superb job!

  • Wasn’t it Jim Carey who suggested a remake of Midnight Cowboy with Woody and Buzz?