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Animation Legend Ken Mundie Pitches “The Match” on Kickstarter

Director and animator Ken Mundie, who is in his late-’80s, is probably the oldest animator to date who has used Kickstarter to fund an animated short. The project he’s pitching is something he’s been working on for years called The Match. Here’s a short test from the project for which he’s aiming to raise $10,000.

Mundie has had a fascinating career in Hollywood, walking the mainstream-indie tightrope for much of it. He is perhaps best known for directing the 1969 Fat Albert pilot, which has absolutely nothing to do with the Filmation crud that followed and ranks as one of the greatest TV specials in animation history.

One of his indie shorts, The Door (1967), was released by Warner Bros. in 1967:

He did lots of film and TV series titles like The Wild Wild West:

While working on lesser projects in Hollywood, he always did personal projects on the side, like this adapation of Homer’s The Odyssey which he was never able to get off the ground:

It’s exciting to see him with the desire to finish an animated film at such an advanced age. According to the campaign page, his son is assisting him, and they’re aiming to complete by September 2014. Unfortunately, the project is poorly set up and is basically a “what not to do” for crowdfunding. Every newbie Kickstarter mistake has been made, though it’s not too late to fix many of these issues, such as:

  • It’s set up by someone who isn’t Ken Mundie and who hasn’t made his relationship to Mundie clear.
  • There have been no updates in the first week.
  • There’s no video of Ken Mundie explaining his project (seeing a ‘grand old man’ of the art form personally explain his project could make a crucial difference to many potential backers.)
  • The descriptions of what the money will accomplish are vague. (They say the money will complete the ‘first act,’ but is that a stand-alone short and of what length?)

Even with these reservations, I felt the project was worthy of being highlighted because Mundie’s animation tests look phenomenal and the man is one of the unheralded renegades of the American animation industry.

  • Oh wow, it looks like a beautiful project but it’s a shame it’s not organized very well. I was reading Chris Rock’s twitter and he mentioned a kickstarter campaign by Zach Braff of Scrub’s fame. So I checked it out and it’s almost funded. Well, everything was absolutely correctly done, it looked like a professionally Hollywood style Kickstarter campaign. Now I wish Zach Braff the best and I hope he gets to make the movie he wants without Hollywood interference. Every artists deserves that if they can make it happen. But I couldn’t help but think he could make his movie within the Hollywood system if he wanted to with a bit more work. Now you shouldn’t drop the ball like Ken Mundie has. I wouldn’t know who he was without this article and I still don’t understand a lot about the project. But in general, kickstarter pitches by celebrities are entertaining in themselves. Random guests were popping up in Zach Braff’s pitch video and it was fun to watch. There’s jokes throughout the page. I enjoyed it but it’s because he’s an actor and he’s in his comfort zone pitching an acting project that could very well be made in Hollywood in my opinion. I’ve seen decent pitches by others but in general, I’ve never been entertained by the pitch itself which makes sense. They aren’t actors. But sometimes what they want to make is very interesting and I know whatever they are pitching often can’t be funded any other way. Well, I hope Ken Mundie reads Cartoon Brew. Everybody makes mistakes and crowdfunding is very new. He can revamp it with 23 days. If he can learn from Cartoon Brew suggestions and Zach Braff’s example, he could make something great. Regardless of what happens, he’s in his late 80s, still creating and I can tip my hat to that.

  • Thanks for the coverage and the constructive feedback.
    We’ll be talking with Ken Mundie and applying as many of your suggestions as we can to the project and the campaign over the next few days and weeks. We believe in the project and Ken’s work and will continue to make whatever adjustments are necessary to reach our goals!
    As this is our first Kickstarter effort, we’re clearly on the uphill side of the learning curve! Onward and upward!

    • If you do know how to reach Ken, please tell him Dick Drew’s daughter, Susan and her mother, Liz Drew, send our love and best wishes. My email is [email protected]

  • Thanks for the coverage!

    Here’s the link to donate:

  • R. I.

    Didn’t Mundie do the “space disco” sequences for “Yogi’s Space Race” (aka “Wacky Races in Space”)?

  • Bill Perkins

    Is the “Fat Albert Special’ on-line ? Good luck to him, he does great and I mean really great stuff.

    • Funkybat

      I’ve never seen it online anywhere. I’ve been hunting for it since learning of its existence a few years ago. I suspect the only way to view it would be to go to the Museum of Radio & Television in NY or LA, I think they have a copy.

  • bob kurtz

    go ken!!!!!!

  • I believe at this point we’ve addressed all the issues that were pointed out in this article as well as a few others! Give us another look, and support us if you can. Please help Ken get his project finished.

    Ken, Stuart and I are also available to answer any questions you might have.
    If you don’t know us, you can get in touch through Kickstarter.

  • $347 so far. :-(