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Artist of the Day: Geoffrey Lillemon

Geoffrey Lillemon

I got a load of laughs out of viewing the collected work of Geoffrey Lillemon, mostly from the new multimedia project that he produced for the spring/summer 2013 Bernhard Willhelm women’s fashion collection. CGI heads were modelled and fused with photographs of models for a taste of the future fashion that we’ll all be sporting this summer. There is some making-of information and photos also available at that same section of Geoffrey’s website.

Geoffrey Lillemon

Take a look at Geoffrey’s website and 2012 showreel here for more work:

Geoffrey Lillemon

If you don’t mind wiggling eight-inch nipples and filthy sexual metaphors read to you in a computer voice, then certainly try a NSFW viewing of The Dance of the Sheast Nip for an absurdist, humorous dance video. (Another version of this is featured as the front page the Bernhard Willhelm website.)

Another project, a collaboration with Evan Roth, is Image of Edessa, an interactive website and related video that explores the animated GIF image as personal identity on the web.

Geoffrey Lillemon

Worth noting is the freedom in which Geoffrey plays with CGI tools and 3D objects. This complete disregard for the high-end production methods and photo-real standards that commercial artists tend to strive for allows for experimental work that revels in its computer-generated roughness. This, however, doesn’t suggest that Geoffrey’s work is that of an outsider artist or amateur hobbyist either. Besides creating personal work, he works for commercial clients who want to see him apply his weird vision and execution to their brands. The CGI methods that he uses are just some of the tools in his overall creative toolbox to create original, freaky videos.

Geoffrey Lillemon
  • christy

    wow i love his work!!!!!

  • Florian

    very cool

  • popyea

    Yes! 3d’s true potential is it’s inherent kitschy creepiness.