Reza Iman Reza Iman
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Artist of the Day: Reza Iman

Reza Iman

Reza Iman is a recent graduate of the animation program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Reza Iman Reza Iman

He produces small loops out of animation tests and posts them on his blog, alongside other drawings and character design studies, often rendered with non-traditional graphic ideas.

Reza Iman Reza Iman Reza Iman

Reza also has a portfolio blog here and a recent reel on Vimeo.

Reza Iman Reza Iman
  • martin

    love the dancing bottle gif

  • EVAN

    favorite artist for sure

  • kecky

    Reza rules!!!!!

  • Ryan

    Happy Reza Day!

  • mj

    Reza reza. he’s the imam. if no one can do it maybe iman the reza man can!

  • Michael J. Ruocco

    I seriously believe Reza is gonna turn the animation industry upside down within the next few years (if not sooner). His stuff is so incredibly unique and eye-popping to watch, it awes me every time. Go Reza!

  • Kirby Allen

    He was the first person I met at SVA. We got halal food together once. Then we free styled another time. It was great. He gives good hugs too. About time y’all recognize the steez this kids bringing to the table!

  • mikeluz

    Wow, awesome work. I love it all!

  • pizzaforeveryone

    dang those are some lovely gifffs