David Colman David Colman
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Artist of the Day: David Colman

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David Colman

Los Angeles-based artist David Colman specializes in designing animal characters for animated productions.

David Colman David Colman

David’s sketch work and rough drawings often feature these creatures in action, drawn in an energetic line.

David Colman David Colman

David, who is currently an art director at Hasbro Animation Studios, shares his professional experience with students through his three self-published books—available on his website—and the courses that he teaches. You can see more of David’s work on his website, David’s Doodles, and on his DeviantArt gallery.

David Colman David Colman David Colman David Colman David Colman
  • Tim

    Love this work. There’s kind of a Bill Watterson / Doug TenNapel feel to the action drawings.

  • Jen Hurler

    These are gorgeous. Love his creature work.

  • LeSean Thomas

    One of the best artists I’ve had the privilege to work with and a great buddy. David is in a class by himself. Check out his website, you won’t be disappointed. http://www.davidsdoodles.com

  • This guys has got to be one of the best draftsmen around

  • Toonio

    Had the honor to meet David at a convention and what a gentleman. His self published books are just plain fantastic and very inspiring.

    His concepts for Open Season were just plain too much for any modeling software to handle. Hopefully the technology will get there soon.

  • Craig Clark

    Fantastic art! Excellent stuff!

  • Patrick Grant

    Haven’t seen art that stylish since Vaughn Bode.