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Artist of the Day: Magic Sweater

Magic Sweater

The artist known as Magic Sweater lives in Melbourne, Australia. His illustration revels in its pop culture roots and his stylistic influences are worn on his cartoon sleeves with pride.

Magic Sweater

Influences listed in correspondence with him include:

“Classic Looney Tunes and Disney animation, Harvey comics, Archie comics, John Kricfalusi, Mad Magazine, Akira Toriyama (Dr. Slump, Dragon Ball), Hanna-Barbera cartoons, Rankin-Bass movies, Will Eisner, vintage Golden Books, early Peanuts, etc.”

Magic SweaterMagic Sweater

Magic Sweater’s portfolio is notably not a gallery of fan-art, but instead full of original creations in the vein of things that are familiar. He further writes, “I like creating my own characters and cartoon concepts. On my website you may come across images related to a group of characters called ‘The Poo-lution Pals’ who are a parody of early ’90s environmental/save-the-planet themed shows like Captain Planet, Toxic Crusaders and Widget the World Watcher.”

Magic Sweater

For more, visit Magic Sweater’s website.

Magic SweaterMagic SweaterMagic Sweater
  • Roberto Severino

    These drawings were so excellent that I wanted to drool all over my drawing board. I hope “Magic Sweater” reads some of the comments here to know how much we appreciate what he’s doing! I’m very big on a lot of the influences that he cited, especially classic Warners, classic Disney animation, and early Hanna-Barbera. Old 40s funny animal comics too.

  • I love this stuff. It’s great how you can pick up influences, but it also still looks like he added his own style. Great work, Magic Sweater

  • Trevour

    Funny, colorful, imaginative cartoon pieces. You really can see all those influences melt together in his work. Thanks for highlighting Magic Sweater. Tumblr now followed!

  • KitKat

    Thanks for sharing these! Great style and I love discovering new artists I can follow on Tumblr.

  • Really,really great.Cartoon Brew,you are smashing it with these artist finds,keep it up.