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Artist of the Day: Man Arenas

Man Arenas

Man Arenas has worked on animated productions in a variety of capacities—creating development art, location designs, characters and storyboards. Get a sense of his extensive work by visiting his portfolio website, Dodecaden.

Man ArenasMan Arenas

Man has recently worked on Studio Soi’s The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child. Some of his design work from these productions can be seen above, such as the background set piece that was created based on his drawing.

Man ArenasMan Arenas

Man’s long standing personal project revolves around his creation, Yaxin the Faun, for which he has created art and comic books. Artwork from this project can be found on the Yaxin the Faun blog, the “old blog“, and his Tumblr.

Man ArenasMan ArenasMan ArenasMan Arenas
  • Interesting Storyboards

    I like this guy’s storyboards. They have a really nice sense of atmosphere to them.

  • Ryan Adams

    lovely, just lovely..

  • Pedro Nakama


  • pbcbstudios

    We’re lucky to have Manu as a VisDev artist at the Disney Feature Studio here in Burbank – Doing some incredible work!!!

  • sofia

    DAMN this is soooo beautiful especially the unicorn