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Artist of the Day

Artist of the Day: Niv Bavarsky

Niv Bavarsky

Niv Bavarsky studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art and now makes drawings and prints as an illustrator in the Bay Area.

Niv BavarskyNiv Bavarsky

Niv’s marks and lines are full of energy. His personal work is where wiggly clustered forms can take over entire compositions, while his illustrations stay more visually focused on the primary subject.

Niv Bavarsky

Above, an experiment in animation titled, TheLoudTalker.GIF. See another animated loop HERE that was made in collaboration with Michael Olivo.

Niv Bavarsky

Niv’s older work can be found on his abandoned blog, and new work and “odds and ends” on Tumblr. His portfolio website offers a collection of work focused on illustration.

Niv BavarskyNiv BavarskyNiv BavarskyNiv BavarskyNiv Bavarsky