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Artist of the Day: Scott MacDonald

Scott MacDonald

Scott MacDonald lives and works in Halifax as a freelance animation artist, designer and illustrator. He studied graphic design and animation in separate two-year programs at Nova Scotia Community College. The range of studies is reflected in his playfully good-natured illustrations and character designs.

Scott MacDonaldScott MacDonald

Scott frequently contributes illustrations to Local Connections Halifax Magazine of which you can see more of at

Scott MacDonald

For more of Scott’s work including character designs, click over to his website.

Scott MacDonaldScott MacDonaldScott MacDonaldScott MacDonaldScott MacDonaldScott MacDonald
  • Elana Pritchard

    There’s this whole scene of artists that all descended from Paper Rad. Paper Rad was an underground artist’s collective that started in the early 2000’s.

  • Joel

    Man, I love this! Thanks for sharing this awesome fellow’s work! C:

  • Curmudgeonista

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  • Andre Lucato

    This post put a smile in my face. Awesome work! Thanks for posting.