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Sponsor News: Bid on This Original “Song of the South” Model Sheet

Tomorrow morning, July 31st, auction house Profiles in History will be holding a massive auction of animation art with over 900 lots. Among the pieces available is an original model sheet of Br’er Rabbit from Disney’s rarely seen Song of the South (1946). It is estimated to sell for between $8,000-$12,000. Click on the image above for a closer view.

If you want to bid in the auction, visit the Profiles in History website. Below are a few other quirky items I enjoyed seeing in the catalog.

Promo artwork from Ralph Bakshi’s Hey Good Lookin’ (1982)

Publicity cel from Tex Avery’s last project, the Hanna-Barbera series The Kwicky Koala Show (1980)

Production background by Pete Alvarado from the Warner Bros. short So Much for So Little (1949)

Fan card signed by Max Fleischer (ca. 1930s)

Production cel and background from Officer Duck (1939)

A model sheet from King Leonardo and His Short Subjects

  • Chris Powell

    man I want that brer rabbit model sheet….aw well..:) beautiful to look at though

  • Disney should just bite the bullet and release Song of the South. Its really strange that they chose to release all of their WWII propaganda cartoons (with an introduction explaining their historical context) and not this film.

    Sure, Song of the South is stereotypical in some ways, its a product of its times. But, the Uncle Remus character is shown to be a positive influence and kind person. Also, this film was set in the Reconstruction era, like Gone with the Wind was. Trying to deny what society was like then is just whitewashing history.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Sure is. It’s a shame when they don’t want to admit to what happened then.

    • Roberto González

      Not only that, I think I’m not exaggerating when I say this movie is one of my faves of Disney just for the animated parts. The life action parts are nice and ok-ish, but the animation is fantastic. The Zip A Dee Doo Dah scene is still the most magical combination of life action and animation I’ve ever seen. No wonder that they pay tribute to that in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, an excellent film that actually looks more dated today in the visual part than Song of the South does.

      Also it’s one of the few Disney movies in which the animated characters have some Warner/Looney Tunes touch, it’s not about sappy stuff, it’s about intelligence versus dumbness and evilness. I really appreciate that. It’s good both in the visual and story departments.

    • Scott550

      Disney did release a nice cleaned up copy of Song of the South on a region free DVD. But ONLY at Paris Disneyland about 6 years ago, very briefly. I was one of the very luck to have snagged a copy.

      • RowMan

        Sorry to tell you… You’ve got a bootleg copy. The Disney company has NEVER released Song Of The South on DVD (even briefly) anywhere in the world.

    • Sooner Or Later

      If Disney officially released Song of the South on DVD and Blu-Ray, it would be their biggest-selling domestic home video release ever.

      I heard a rumor awhile back that Disney is secretly having every bit of the old dialect-dialogue RELOOPED. God, I hopes not.

  • Elana Pritchard

    Wow, cool stuff.

  • MRKid

    I just watch it on youtube, which is not good quality, but it’s still awesome. I love this movie. For people that are too sensitive, just don’t watch it. Pretty simple.