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Artist of the Day: Tim Beckhardt

Tim Beckhardt

Tim Beckhardt studied animation and printmaking at the Rhode Island School of Design. After graduating in 2009, Tim went to work as an artist at Augenblick Studios. Tim currently works as a freelance artist and animator in Brooklyn.

Tim BeckhardtTim Beckhardt

Pellet Gunn, a short that Tim made at RISD is described as “a dog, a cyclops, and others kill some time with the help of wormholes and hobbyist self-modification.” The piece plays out unexpectedly, remaining fresh until the satisfying end:

A follow up student film from 2009, Inner Tubes, is described as “a frank look at tube-hole relationships.” This meditative piece may leave you thinking about your own tubes and holes:

Tim Beckhardt

Take a look at Tim’s portfolio website and Tumblr for more animated loops, drawings, comics and prints.

Tim BeckhardtTim BeckhardtTim Beckhardt
  • Mike Rauch

    I dig Tim.

  • super work !

  • LPH

    skillz for days is more like it!