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Artist of the Day: Valentin Seiche

Valentin Seiche

Valentin Seiche is a cartoonist and author of the comic book Anguille et Baldaquin, published by Ankama Editions, which is the publishing arm of the French production company Ankama Group that created the massively popularly MMORPG Wakfu. On Valentin’s webpage about Anguille et Baldaquin, the book’s naive heros are described as existing in “a world buffeted by the specter of war.”

Valentin Seiche

In an interview, Seiche discussed his inspiration for his comic book characters. He mentioned Mickey Mouse, Pinocchio, Astroboy and The Little Prince as sources. Many of Valentin’s characters are constructed with simplified, dimensional forms that could fit nicely into the worlds of his inspiration.

Valentin SeicheValentin Seiche

Valentin explores broader, intriguing territory in his personal work as well, which he shares on his blogs. Visit Valentin’s Tumblr and blog for his recent work and further links to explore.

Valentin SeicheValentin SeicheValentin SeicheValentin SeicheValentin SeicheValentin SeicheValentin Seiche
  • noxmoony

    Wow lovely stuff right there! Love the loose quality to his drawings. And lovely colours too!

  • Gavril Honda Torrijos

    Agreed, very appealing in its mystical nature

  • Saturnome

    Absolutely amazing.