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‘Doctor, My Son is an Animator’ by Marcos Magalhaes

Watch the film here!

“He doesn’t play football… he’s only drawing, all the time. What’s his problem, Doctor?” Only a specialist can find out… Real animators were asked to give their animated and live action testimonies about their childhood as animators. It is indeed a strange condition…

Director, Producer, Writer: Marcos Magalhaes
Cast: Luis Magalhaes, Raissa Laban, Rosaria, Marcos Magalhaes, Michaela Pavlatova, Ennio Torresan, John Weldon, Fabio Yamaji, Juan Pablo Zaramella
Director of Photography: Jacques Cheuiche
Editor: Leonardo Domingues
Sound: Heron Alencar, Mino Alencar
Music Composer: Helio Ziskind, Ivan Rocha
Art Director: Tetê Amarante

(via Javier Prado on Cartoon Brew’s Facebook Group)

  • Ignoranimus

    Loving that song in the credits. Does anyone who reads Portuguese know whether the musician is listed in the credits?

    • J. J. Johnny

      Hi, Ignoranimus. I can read in portuguese and this song you talked about is uncredited.

  • David Loomis

    Yeah, needed some massive editing. As for the music, they credit Helio Ziskind and Ivan Rocha. Google turned up a little, but not much.

  • Guy Charnaux

    Oh cool! I did some of the animation for this movie :D

  • J. J. Johnny

    The actress lip biting is kind of disturbing. It points out a whole new perspective on storytelling. Disturbing.