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Cartoon Brew Pick

“Sleep Walk” by Hey Beautiful Jerk

Directed by Hey Beautiful Jerk (Mark Szumski and Gina Niespodziani)
Art Direction: Kuni-I Chang
Screenplay: Mark Szumski, Gina Niespodziani, Rob Meyers
Character Design: Ronald Wimberly
Storyboard: Michael Wadsworth
Designer: Gina Niespodziani
Lead Animator: Noella Borie
Animators: Mario Menjivar, Nancy Chung
VFX Artists: Kun-I Chang, Mark Rubbo, Myung Cha
Flame Artist: Mark Szumski
Matte Cutter: Jenna DeAngelis
Live-Action DP: Adam Coleman
Animation/Post Production: Click 3X
Music: Pleaserock

  • GW

    I liked that. The song is beautiful. Steel guitars are a lovely sounding instrument. I’m not sure if the world’s being pulled apart for real or if it’s just a dream sequence. I suspect the person watching isn’t supposed to know exactly what’s going on.