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Reel Of The Week: Juanma Laguna

Eunyoung Choi and Masaaki Yuasa’s Tokyo-based boutique studio Science Saru has drawn attention before for its inventive use of Flash animation.

One of the architects of the studio’s approach to Flash is Spanish animator Juan Manuel “Juanma” Laguna, who just uploaded a reel of his work from the last four years.

Projects on which he has animated on include Lu Over the Wall, Night is Short, Walk on Girl, the Crayon Shin-chan movie franchise, Ping Pong, Yo-kai Watch: The Movie, and various special projects for American networks like Cartoon Network and Disney XD. More recently, Laguna has served as animation director on a number of Science Saru’s projects.

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  • I love this so much. some parts feels kinda gelatinous while still being really solid. I love all of the crazy angles and poses. Really fantastic, shows how inventive animation can be

  • khan8282

    Great artistic range!

  • ike

    So great the see Juanma’s reel plugged in here! Well deserved, señor!

  • Why haven’t I watched the Food Chain episode of Adventure Time yet? That animation is gorgeous! This reel shows the best type of Flash animation is when you don’t even know it’s Flash.

  • Lyla Molina