Lauren Bacall in "Bacall to Arms." Lauren Bacall in "Bacall to Arms."

Lauren Bacall Dies at 89

Lauren Bacall in "Bacall to Arms."
Lauren Bacall in “Bacall to Arms.”

Legendary Hollywood actress Lauren Bacall has died at the age of 89. She holds the distinction of being one of the few people to have a Warner Bros. cartoon named after them: it was the 1946 short Bacall to Arms, in which she was also caricatured. Watch it below:

In recent years, Bacall had provided voices for numerous animated projects, such as Ernest & Celestine, Howl’s Moving Castle, Scooby-Doo and the Goblin King, and most recently, Family Guy.

Lauren Bacall was also caricatured in the 1947 Warner Bros. short "Slick Hare."
Lauren Bacall was also caricatured in the 1947 Warner Bros. short “Slick Hare.”
  • Christopher Smith

    The smartest, toughest, classiest Hollywood dame there ever was.I’ll be screening “To Have and Have Not” tonight.

    • martin

      fantastic movie. my introduction to lauren.

  • Gumbo

    Last of the Golden Age of Hollywood stars after Shirley Temple and Mickey Rooney. R,I,P,

  • slowtiger

    For me she not only was a great actress, but one of the very few (with Humphrey Bogart) who spoke up against HUAC. (Great opportunity to read up upon this and the Hollywood No-Fly, oops, Blacklist.)

  • I especially liked when she said “You know how to whistle, don’t you Steve?” for obvious reasons.

    • Just don’t go leaping out of your clothes and run around the room like some wild animal next! ;-)

  • jhalpernkitcat

    After I heard the news, I watched Slick Hare last night for obvious reasons.

  • It didn’t help that Clampett left while this was still in production and Art Davis had to finish the rest (possibly I wonder if that’s where the Freleng footage came in). I suppose we’ll never know, but here’s a version of the cartoon with commentary by Jerry Beck!

  • “The short was going swimmingly until that last end shot. I know that that type of humour was acceptable at the time of the film’s making, but it is amazing how it brought down the short at the end.”

    For a while in the 90’s that final shot was deleted as well, making the cartoon end abruptly after the cigarette explosion. It certainly a mess in terms of plot given whatever trouble went into making the film at the time of Clampett’s leave. They obviously had to make their quota.

  • They obviously wanted to do their homework in getting it to represent the film they were spoofing.

  • She certainly had a full life I would say.