“12 Drawings a Day” by Denis Chapon “12 Drawings a Day” by Denis Chapon

“12 Drawings a Day” by Denis Chapon

Denis Chapon has been animating twelve drawings a day–everyday–for the past four years. The resulting stream of conscious short feels like an animated journal, bursting with creative concepts and happy accidents. The drawings were all done in pen.

  • wow what an amazingly hypnotic piece. Reminds me of something from the 70s. Great to see this sort of thing still happening.

  • Wow, that’s fantastic! It’s impossible to stop watching it once you start.

  • Wonderful, fresh, imaginative, and nicely drawn. I especially like that he used recycled paper. Brings to mind the also fine Dnevnik (Diary) by Zagreb animator Nedeljko Dragić.


  • Brad Constantine

    really fun piece..I really liked the part where you were moving through the rooms. An interesting way to try a lot of different things.The sound added a lot to this. Thanks fer sharing.

  • Wonderful stuff!

  • J.M.

    I definetely hate French animators, next time I see one I will punch him (or her) in the face.*

    *this was a sarcasm brought to you by J.M.Urbina.

    • Peter J Casey

      Time and time again whenever I see an animation that blows me out of the water, the artist is french. WHY?!

      • Must be something in the cheese?

      • It’s that style they have au naturel. I have worked with a fair few french cartooners and they were all marvellous… well, apart from THAT guy… he sucked… he was complete rubbish

    • Bud

      This film is very nice. An animated journal. I wish this had been put up for the Oscar this year–it would have been my top pick in all elimination and voting rounds.

      Some French animation moves smoothly and is well drawn. I just wish there was more emphasis on CHARACTER animation. Very little of that from the French–especially the schools.

  • A solid concept and result. Who can’t spare the time to make 12 drawings in a day? Another example of how something can be achieved in animation by using your brain. Create a masterpiece slowly but surely.