1966 CBS Christmas Message by R.O. Blechman 1966 CBS Christmas Message by R.O. Blechman

1966 CBS Christmas Message by R.O. Blechman

  • Jim C.

    I remember this one. Pleasant, simple and charming.

  • Force Tube Avenue

    Thanks for reviving that animation. I haven’t seen it in many a year. I’d forgotten how much I liked it.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Thank You.

  • Buzz Potamkin

    So, was it Tissa David or Ed Smith? Or?

  • Completely charming.
    Also worth mentioning is that the same thing could be achieved, if done with care, in many of the digital tools at our disposal.
    I mention this is not to spark another Flash debate, but to suggest that if someone treated the artwork with honesty and love, then we wouldn’t have to be lumped with the usual stuff digital 2D animation seems to present us with most of the time.

  • i am oh-so glad you posted it. It, truly, was one of my many (many) Christmas (good) memories as a child!

  • beautiful, just beautiful.

  • Keith Bryant

    A happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

  • Ed Smith was the animator. Not sure if Arnie Black did the music or not. When i was working with Bob, we were asked by CBS to do a version of this spot for an “I Love Lucy” VHS they were releasing in 1989-90. We went back to the original negative and re-transferred it. What a joy – it’s hands down, one of my favorite spots ever !

  • yvette kaplan

    How great to see that again!! Thank you!! And I remember another that I adored– it included a little kid going up an escalator? Sorry that’s all I’ve got! I’m almost positive it was a Christmas spot. Any chance it’s out there? Fingers crossed… and Merry Day after to all!

  • The escalator was ALSO a CBS spot. Little kid goes to visit santa at a dept store, whispers in his ear, and walks off proudly wearing his coat which is totally too big for her. . .

  • WMMorgan

    1966 and six years old, watching WCBS out of NYC. And I remember this!

  • yvette kaplan

    Thank you J.J.!!! I knew you’d know!!! : ) Happy New Year!

  • David Artman`

    You found it! I’ve been searching the Internet for that spot for many a year. Its simplicity and quiet gentleness always stood out in my mind (I was six when it first came on). Too bad the stations don’t do spots like this anymore.

  • Thank you so much for the inspiration found here and in your wonderful Cartoon Modern book. Truly grateful for your efforts.