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2008 Oscar-Eligible Animated Shorts

Oscar Contenders

Michael Sporn has a complete list of all the animated shorts eligible for an Oscar this year, along with links to their official websites. It’s heartening to see so many powerful and thought-provoking films in contention this year, among them Chainsaw by Dennis Tupicoff, Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor by Koji Yamamura, A Letter to Colleen by Andy and Carolyn London, I Am So Proud of You by Don Hertzfeldt, and Skhizein by Jeremy Clapin. I hope at least a few of these make the final cut.

  • These films you mention were the cream of the crop.
    With few exceptions, the rest were DIRE.

  • I can’t agree with your summation of the large group of films. Just to pick a few other independent films that stand out: Chick, The Crumblegiant and Retouches are outstanding. Hot Dog, Hungu, The Weatherman and Oktapodi are also excellent. Glago’s Guest, This Way Up and Varmints are outstanding commercial films that also deserve praise.
    If so many films were “dire” it would have been impossible to sit through nine hours of viewing. You have to be fair.

  • elan

    “La Maison En Petits Cubes”


    “Skhizein” are my faves.

    I’d love to see more serious films like this be made into features. Although I guess UP is probably a lot like “La Maison En Petits Cubes,” seeing how its about an old man and his journey into memory with his house as a story vehicle.

    I thought A Country Doctor was good, and the animation was definitely interesting, but the style tended to be a tad more on the distracting side rather than the appealing side, but it was good nonetheless.

  • I had my fingers crossed that Canada’s NFB would enter Le Noeud Cravate (The Necktie) for consideration, and I’m pleased to see it was on the programme. One of the finest shorts I’ve seen in a while.

  • Michael – you are utterly and entirely correct.
    There were many well made and entertaining films but very few of them resonated with me.
    This sensible comment is of course what I should have said in the first instance.

  • Steve Gattuso

    The only surprise for me is that Pixar’s “Presto” wasn’t entered in competition.

  • It was pretty weird that the Academy added the DTV special “Secrets of the Furious Five” over Pixar’s “Presto”. But I guess Disney’s “Glago’s Quest” took over for the hungry rabbit.

  • Oscar Grillo

    Skhizein is one of the best FILMS I’ve seen in years (A curious re-working of “The Incredible Shrinking Man”)

  • Saturnome

    A bit surprised to see Presto missing. It still is my favourite film of 2008! But it gives a chance to great but obscure animation to get the spotlight. I hope to be more surprised !

  • Saturnome – Presto wasn’t missing.

  • Anna

    “Lavatory Lovestory” is just yaay! i dunno why it grabs me the way it does, but it does

  • Vince

    Andy London is a teacher at my school and I loved A Letter to Colleen. It’s so disturbing. I would love for it to make the nomination. Skhizein is definitely on the favorite list this year though.