2009 New Year’s Greeting by Art Grootfontein 2009 New Year’s Greeting by Art Grootfontein

2009 New Year’s Greeting by Art Grootfontein

Every year around the holidays I receive a whole slew of animated greeting cards. The new year’s greeting below by French artist Art Grootfontein is the most impressive from this past season’s batch of e-cards. It should be evident from the piece itself, but Grootfontein also tells me that one of his favorite sources of inspiration is my book Cartoon Modern.

  • coincidentally, i just watched this yesterday: http://users.skynet.be/pdauwe/ursula_martinez.wmv and it too uses Mancini’s A Shot in the Dark. Who doesn’t love a little magic once and a while?

    i should also say i thought the cartoon/animated greeting card was great!!


  • I like it. Good stuff.

  • Eric

    I lost interest at 0:50.

  • Terrence

    Curious to see a monochrome photographic safelight and photochemical technology showcased in something done in Flash. It’s hip to be old school, at least in a Christmas card.

  • Haha! The build up for the end is pretty cute. Colors were my favorite part.

  • Very nice…yep, that book is a CONSTANT source of inspiration. I know it completely changed the way I approached design.

  • Pedro Nakama

    I like it! Kinda Cartoon Modern with a cut-out feel to it.

  • Very cool!