3D Simpsons Short Starring Maggie Simpson In Front Of “Ice Age 4” 3D Simpsons Short Starring Maggie Simpson In Front Of “Ice Age 4”

3D Simpsons Short Starring Maggie Simpson In Front Of “Ice Age 4”

It was announced on last night’s Season Finale of The Simpsons that Maggie will star in her own stand-alone 3D animated theatrical short. The Longest Daycare will debut before Ice Age: Continental Drift opening in theaters on July 13th, 2012.

UPDATE: David Silverman appeared to confirm on Twitter that he is directing the short.

  • I love how they make it look as a classic cartoon. I didn’t plan to see Ice Age 4 in theaters, but I will now. Maybe even in 3D.

    I hope it’s traditional animation and not CGI, everything indicates that from that promo card. Traditional animation in 3D looks cooler than CGI IMO.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    The title card alone makes me wonder the same thing, if this’ll be a nice pastiche of classic American theatrical cartoons we’ve haven’t had in so long a time.

    • I wish Paramount would do the same for SpongeBob- A “Little Lulu” like spinning star opening with the Spongebob theme playing in the background.

      That would get Paramount to release “Little Lulu” on DVD and Blu-ray!

  • James

    I’ve been pretending new Simpsons didn’t exist for many years now.

    Why must you break this reality when watching something better?

    • Rich Tom

      The very idea that you’d think that those Ice Age rafts of garbage were better than the Simpsons should put you on some kind of watch list.

  • Nick

    This is a cool direction they’re taking The Simpsons, I always liked when maggie got her little moments on the show. Maggie even had some great little shorts in the Tracey Ullman days.

    I’m definitely looking forward to this!

    • Yeah, I wonder why in the ad they call it “her first starring role” when she had a multi-part arc in the Ullman days with “Maggie In Peril.” Maybe it’s because each part was only a minute long and there were only two of them.

      • The Simpsons are not really anal with continuity. They also said Maggie’s first word was “sequel” in the end credits of the movie and she had already talked before. I’m not sure if this was the first time the rest of the family were listening when she spoke, though.

        Anyway I really hope it’s kind of simmilar in tone to Maggie In Peril. That means being quite adventurous and mainly wordless.

  • Toonio

    I wasn’t planning on going to see Ice Age 4 either (had enough of it and Ray Romano). But guess I’ll have to find a way to go and see it without paying that much.

    However, good for Groening. He must be milking Fox dry for its inability to come up with decent shows or movies.

  • Well, looks like I’m going to see Ice Age 4 in theaters.

  • Brian

    I’m definitely interested in seeing the short. I wonder who is the director. David Silverman perhaps?

  • Gummo

    I love the idea, but didn’t the Simpsons do “Maggie trapped in daycare” already, about a thousand years ago? IIRC (without checking) it was the “B” story to “Oh! Streetcar!”, when Marge starred in a musical version of “Streetcar Named Desire.”

  • Taco Wiz

    Then Taco Wiz got an idea.

    Taco Wiz got a wonderful, awful idea.

    He’d buy a ticket to Brave, giving Pixar the money they deserve, and instead show up in the room where Ice Age is playing, avoiding giving Fox the idea that they should make more Ice Age sequels.

    • Jow

      Then Jow Came Up With Another Idea.

      A Good Idea.

      A Good, Honest Idea.

      He Would Buy A Ticket To Ice Age 4, See The Short And Then The Movie Cause He Like’s Ice Age And Simpsons And Dosen’t Like The Kind Of Movie That Brave Is.

      Yes, I Just Said That.

      • wever


      • Jow

        Hey, If You Like Brave And Hate Ice Age/ Modern Day Simpsons, That’s Your Beeswax. It’s Just That I Prefer Comedy Over Action And Drama. Brave Dosen’t Seem All That Funny And I Do Find Modern Day Simpsons/ Ice Age Funny And Entertaining. Just Saying.

        On The Plus Side, I Do Hate Justin Beiber.

      • R. Araya

        Whew! At least.
        While I find later Simpsons episodes as either politically-charged or pseudo-dramatic, I have hope in the short. It was just about time until FOX realized that a revival of short cartoons is feasible.

  • wever

    This is a joke right?

    Is David Silverman completely open to any medium a story calls for? I recall him saying that everyone onboard the Simpsons Movie wanted that movie to be hand-drawn. And why in front of a franchise that already has Scrat as THEIR own character headlining 3D shorts??

    • The Gee

      It seems like a good thing that there are just more shorts being made and put in front of features, doesn’t it?

      I don’t understand why you are consternated? Its FOX but it isn’t just another Ice Age character. That seems positive enough.

  • David Silverman

    Yes, it is in fact traditionally animated. 3D achieved with LOTS of split levels of characters and bgs in clean-up, and using After Effects. A half pixel to the left here, a quarter pixel to the right there. And yes, I am directing it. Even as we speak — gotta go!

    • Keegan

      Good luck, David. Hopefully the short will come out great!

    • Yes, good luck! Good to know that you are trying new things with the animation. I hope we could see some squash and stretch here! I’m missing it in the series. I’m really interested on watching the short anyway.

  • Wasn’t the Simpsons meant for adults back in the day? And the Simpsons still has adult humor, despite it’s dryness.

    A kiddie Simpsons short….really? I think it’s meant better for a PG-13 movie.

    Next we’ll have “Simpsons Baby”, a merchandisng line (and later TV show, like Baby Looney Tunes), where babies get exposed to the simpsons in their infancy. Who wants Baby Homer pacifiers for babies to suck on?

    “The Simpsons” is heading the route of “The Flinstones” even more than it ever has, even though they have merchandised to children since the end of Season 1.

    • I agree to some extent, but this is not new. Pixar reintroduced animated shorts in the big screen and I believe most people are accustomed to watch those shorts in front of other animated movies, which are usually family films. I mean, esentially, the new Roadrunner shorts weren’t just for kids and could be enjoyable for all kind of people that just like comedy and slapstick (and the characters have been known for more than 50 years) but they still put them in front of generally “childish” animated movies.

      They could have put them in front of Harry Potter, which is also a family film of some short and more people would have watched them, but it seems the general belief for modern distributors/producers nowadays is that an animated movie audience would appreciate animated shorts more.

      • Jow

        Yeah, “Great”! *Cough, Sarcasm, Cough*

      • I didn’t say it was great, it’s just the way it is…

  • Arturo

    The Simpsons?, i thought they were cancelled eons ago…

    • Jow

      In Fall, It Will Be 24 Seasons And Counting….Yeah….