<em>A Candy Affair</em> <em>A Candy Affair</em>

A Candy Affair

A nice little Halloween short about a Corn Kernel who has a crush on a cute piece of Candy Corn. This nicely done G-rated cartoon is from L.A. based boutique studio Oddbot Inc., who specializes in doing pre-school animation series. Crystal Stromer directed.

  • http://www.pugavida.blogspot.com Miguel Puga

    Great job to everyone over at oddbot! You guys did it again! Lets go get some King Taco and celebrate!

  • Katella Gate

    A very charming little short, well done in every department. Thanks!

  • Priscilla

    Absolutely Adorable!

  • Anna Hollingsworth

    Woohoo! I love it, Crystal! Great job Oddbot.

  • Mike Hollingsworth

    That’s happened to me a few times at parties!

  • Jonah Sidhom

    That’s really cool! You don’t see Flash animation that good very often. Oddbot’s other work is great as well. I wonder why I haven’t heard of them before.

  • http://chiacheese.blogspot.com ChiaCheese

    Awesome! So cute I nearly popped!

  • http://highlyrecommended.blogspot.com Satorical

    Kawaii! Loved the wipes during the fabric cutting.

  • St. McDuck

    Loved it! Really well done!

  • http://www.DoctorFloyd.com Grant Baciocco

    Awesome short! Love it! Way to go Crystal & Oddbot!

  • Amanda Rynda

    So cute! Great job, Crystal and everyone at Oddbot!

  • http://bionicwrist.blogspot.com/ Crystal Stromer

    Thanks so much for the post Jerry! And thanks everyone for such positive feedback! We are so happy everyone thinks its so cute!! Yay!

  • http://www.vimeo.com/1580205 Granger Davis

    So cute, so funny, like the lady herself! Nice work Crystal! It’s fun stuff like “A Candy Affair” that shows us Flash cartoons don’t have to be the stiff, motion-tweened puppet shows less imaginative productions would have them be. Lovely animation!

  • http://www.marduignan.com Marion Duignan

    Sweet story – it’s all starts with a good story.