<em>A Candy Affair</em> <em>A Candy Affair</em>

A Candy Affair

A nice little Halloween short about a Corn Kernel who has a crush on a cute piece of Candy Corn. This nicely done G-rated cartoon is from L.A. based boutique studio Oddbot Inc., who specializes in doing pre-school animation series. Crystal Stromer directed.

  • Great job to everyone over at oddbot! You guys did it again! Lets go get some King Taco and celebrate!

  • Katella Gate

    A very charming little short, well done in every department. Thanks!

  • Priscilla

    Absolutely Adorable!

  • Anna Hollingsworth

    Woohoo! I love it, Crystal! Great job Oddbot.

  • Mike Hollingsworth

    That’s happened to me a few times at parties!

  • Jonah Sidhom

    That’s really cool! You don’t see Flash animation that good very often. Oddbot’s other work is great as well. I wonder why I haven’t heard of them before.

  • Awesome! So cute I nearly popped!

  • Kawaii! Loved the wipes during the fabric cutting.

  • St. McDuck

    Loved it! Really well done!

  • Awesome short! Love it! Way to go Crystal & Oddbot!

  • Amanda Rynda

    So cute! Great job, Crystal and everyone at Oddbot!

  • Thanks so much for the post Jerry! And thanks everyone for such positive feedback! We are so happy everyone thinks its so cute!! Yay!

  • So cute, so funny, like the lady herself! Nice work Crystal! It’s fun stuff like “A Candy Affair” that shows us Flash cartoons don’t have to be the stiff, motion-tweened puppet shows less imaginative productions would have them be. Lovely animation!

  • Sweet story – it’s all starts with a good story.