A Couple Cool Time-Lapse Pieces A Couple Cool Time-Lapse Pieces

A Couple Cool Time-Lapse Pieces

You’ll never look at an apple the same way again after Ecological Apple, an unsettling experimental piece by Swedish artist Andreas Soderberg. It’s standard time-lapse photography edited in After Effects with time remap and camera shakes.

Also appearing online are a number of time-lapse films, like the one below by Eric Spiegelman, that capture the fires happening in LA. Nature is clearly the most awesome special fx animator.

(Ecological Apple video via Kottke)

  • I heard on the news last night that the very top of the smoke which is the most bumpy is frozen smoke created by the smoke rising too high too fast. So it doesn’t move as much. Pretty interesting. My heart goes out to all the people affected by this devastating fire. I know our house is covered with soot from it and we’re on the other end of the valley.

  • Ryan

    Ooh, a breathing apple, I like that.

  • “Getting bit by Snow White…whatta way to go….”

  • here’s the best time-lapse-socal-on-fire footage I’ve seen so far


  • Unsettling is the perfect word for that first video.

    Seeing that second video and the one robcat posted just remind me of how powerful God is, and how little control we really have when it comes to nature. thanks for posting them

  • LOVE the apple one, and the pyrocumulonimbus is awe-inspiring, though deeply disturbing at the same time.

  • Demetre

    Whoo! I love time lapse video!

  • The gentleman who posted the second video, the one of the clouds of smoke, also posted a night shot of the fire.

    I find them very unsettling for some reason.

    The apple is also very cool.