“A Good Wife” by W. Scott Forbes “A Good Wife” by W. Scott Forbes

“A Good Wife” by W. Scott Forbes

The story of A Good Wife is fairly well summarized by its ironic title. What remains is a tribute to mid-century modern aesthetics and an eerie amount of stillness. W. Scott Forbes made the film while attending Sheridan College. The film doesn’t necessarily succeed in wringing out the emotions suggested by its sad story and musical cues, but Forbes’ approach is refreshing for a student film and a worthy experiment.

  • Congratulations Scott! This film was breath taking when watching it on the big screen at Sheridan, it always gave me chills. It’s great to see it getting the attention it finally deserves!

  • I like the style. At first I thought it was a Kevin Dart project. I wish there was more animation though.

  • Abubu

    Started off beautiful but that beauty fell flat after that. Could have done with more emotion ie just one shot of her showing a different range of emotions than just ‘numb’. Looks amazing and a lot of talent there.

  • Jason H

    First half is bloody brilliant but it does taper off for the 2nd half. I was hoping for something powerful enough to match the intensity of the first half.

  • ShouldBeWorkin’

    I ‘ve watched it with the sound off…’cause I’m at work and don’t have headphones and (this is not meant to be a dig): It demonstrates alot of skill except character animation. It’s an elaborate animatic.
    Without the sound it’s a slide show.
    Excellent illustration/Painting, camera angles and effects.
    That is with the sound off. I can’t comment on story or direction without the sound IMO.

    • MeToo

      yeah, i agree, snack break at work w/ no sound so maybe I’m missing a lot but the thing is, does anyone else think the term “STORY” is being flung around a bit too loosely here?


      Is the sound missing causing me to miss the actual arc of a story here?

      Awesome art direction, stupid question maybe, just asking…

      If i’m not missing it, i think this image tell more of a story personally:


      I’ll have a listen when I get home.

      Awesome talent either way, can’t wait to see more artwork from this guy.

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  • I was extremely excited by the thumbnail image to see how this would look in motion. But I have to agree with ShouldBeWorkin’ that this seems too static. Gorgeous though.

  • That girl’s eyes must be painfully dry.
    She never blinks.

  • Steve Barron

    This is my favorite slide show ever! Beautiful stuff.

  • Mitch Kennedy

    I wouldn’t be so quick to judge this piece by it’s witheld movement. Yes, the score adds a lot to it but it doesn’t drive it — it is coupled with the striking visual compositions and their marriage is what drives the narrative. Oftentimes a film is the sum of its parts and I see this film as a whole creating a wonderful mise-en-scene. I can feel the atmosphere.

    A sideshow, an animatic? Certainly not. A film? Most certainly.