“A Googy Cartoon” by Myke Chilian and Kali Fontecchio “A Googy Cartoon” by Myke Chilian and Kali Fontecchio

“A Googy Cartoon” by Myke Chilian and Kali Fontecchio

Myke Chilian and Kali Fontecchio made this teeny-weenie 37-second cartoon for Googy (episode 3) featured on Channel 101 this month. For more info on how fast they made this and why, check out Kali’s site.

  • cbat628

    I like it!
    They managed to put in as much personality in the short within a short while still being understated. Nicely done.

  • Stuart L

    Hahah dig that tune – great job guys

  • Doug


  • Karl Hungus

    Myke Chilian is also the guy who made the infamous “McBusters” shorts:


  • John A

    Why was it in black and white?

  • skid

    I love the singing in this cute little short, it reminds me a lot of the songs from the Mr. Gasser and the Weirdos.

  • Nicely done my friend!

  • CVG

    This is an example of using an old-time black and white style for no reason. The animation, voices, and presentation had nothing to do the effects style they were placing it in. At least in Smulty, the animation bounces and pacing is homage to the style they are borrowing from as if uncovered from the era…in this cartoon it’s just “Hey let’s put packman eyes on stuff and add grain without any knowledge of what made 1920s cartoons memorable”.

  • david

    I think its great. Like a 50s tv show