A New Episode of <em>Simon’s Cat</eM> A New Episode of <em>Simon’s Cat</eM>

A New Episode of Simon’s Cat

“Fly Day” is the latest episode of Simon’s Cat by Simon Tofield, a UK-based director on the Tandem Films roster. It’s refreshing to see animation that hinges everything on the quality of acting, characterization, and observation. Tofield directs our attention towards the character’s personality to the point of not including any color, camera moves, or cuts in the entire episode. Simon’s Cat is also a fine example of an on-line animation success story. In a little over a year, the four previous episodes of the cartoon have reached nearly 30 million pageviews, which has led to a book deal for Tofield. More details on the book are available at SimonsCat.com.

(Thanks, David K.)

  • I saw this yesterday and laughed my ass of, such great exucution

  • Yeah, that’s what my cat is like, except he’d destroy the house on purpose.

  • Yes folks, that’s Flash animation …if you are up to the task of drawing and not relying on just moving symbols, that is.

    Lovely work and great timing.

  • I watched it with the sound off, so I don’t know what I missed, but visual-wise that was really awesome! The cat was perfect

  • Jonah,

    You didn’t miss much. There are no dialogues, so you only missed sound effects and random “meows”.

  • Hej, the sound is very important! If just to be able to imitate Simon’s cat’s “meaoww” and earn a knowing gnicker from your friends, who all have seen the films. Of course you have to point to your mouth.

  • Lindsay

    I think my favorite parts are the cat’s “chattering” and when it zooms around like a maniac on the floor, arching its back and batting at the (almost) dead fly. Tofield’s attention to detail and feline quirks is nothing short of astonishing. :D

  • Beautifully done. Long time ago I had someone basically force me to watch one of the first of these cat shorts on youtube, and moaning and sighing I finally said “Oh, alright!”. Result: I was treated to this guy’s wonderfully observed gems.
    I was happy to learn that lesson(one you get all too rarely on YT I’m afraid). Kudos to him.

  • The only thing I hate about these shorts is that there are so few of them, so the idea of the book is pretty exciting —although I would’ve preferred a DVD instead ;-)

  • Gabriel D

    It is genuinely cool to see these shorts evolve.

  • elan

    My favorite yet. This guy clearly knows cats. And exquisite timing…

  • Ah! I love these! The cat mannerisms are great, and I love how he always does something unexpectedly human. Great stuff!

  • These shorts keep me grinning from beginning to end. I didn’t know there were four though, gonna go watch the others.

  • Thanks for posting it Amid! I love those animations! My cat does almost like that, but he eats the fly in the end, ewww.

    Changing the subject, did you see the post about your chat on AnimaMundi: http://animamundifestival.blogspot.com/2009/07/amid-amidi-e-o-cartoon-moderno.html Yes, all in Portuguese, but let me know if Google translator doesn’t help you