A trailer for a Jimi Hendrix short A trailer for a Jimi Hendrix short
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A trailer for a Jimi Hendrix short

This is the trailer for The Experience, a Jimi Hendrix-themed short that was produced to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of his death this year:

In the depths of a tropical valley, an adventurous young man discovers with surprise a giant amusement park dedicated to rock’n’roll. Curious, he decides to try a psychedelic Rollercoaster haunted by Jimi Hendrix. He is greeted by a mysterious jailer, looking like a voodoo sorcerer. During the ride, entirely on the rhythmes of the song “Voodoo Child”, the spirit of Jimi Hendrix manifests in the form of a voodoo doll.

The combination stop-motion, live-action and CG short was made by the French collective Pirates Pépères whose twelve members have an average age of 22. Like Nina Paley and her film Sita Sings the Blues, these guys made their animated film without bothering to license the music. Now they’re trying to raise $6,700 to license Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child” from Experience Hendrix, the company that manages his musical estate. Afterwards they plan to release the film on-line.

  • aw man. they went through the trouble to find a lefty guitar? EVERYONE knows hendrix didn’t even do that. he flipped a righty and restrung it lefty :( character-design-wise it’s pretty much his most defining characteristic.

    other than that inexcusable mistake, this thing could be interesting..

    actually, eh sorry, it’s kind of a huge turn-off. great song though ;)

  • And EVERY Hendrix fan (of which I’m not one, really) knows that the song is “Voodoo Chile”, not “Voodoo Child”.

  • Only $6,700? That’s bargain basement!

  • Pirates Pépères

    hi, thanks posting us, the full clip is now available on http://vimeo.com/15696036