<em>A Wolf Loves Pork</eM> by Takeuchi Taijin <em>A Wolf Loves Pork</eM> by Takeuchi Taijin
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A Wolf Loves Pork by Takeuchi Taijin

Classic cartoon chase meets David Hockney in A Wolf Loves Pork by Japanese artist Takeuchi Taijin. Technique and technical showmanship are front and center as the actions within the photo frame interact with the real-world space in clever and unexpected ways. I’ve got just one word for this short: Brilliant!

  • cliffclaven 2.0

    Great fun. Can’t help feeling this is at least a spiritual descendant of “Out of the Inkwell”

  • Absolutely incredible. Very well done, and to borrow your word Amid, “Brilliantly” executed!

  • Jay Sabicer

    Agreed. Extremely well done and thought out. One thing missing, a large drop of flopsweat on the pig when he’s cornered at the lake. An anime convention, yes, but I don’t think anyone would’ve minded.

  • Gives me a headache just thinking how you did it. Lovely.

  • Spike

    Oh, another one of those shorts where you spend the whole thing wondering how the hell they did it.

  • Saturnome

    Wow. A bit slow maybe, but that’s amazing pixilation here. The concept reminds me of Muto, the short with walking graffitis.

  • richard fox

    i viewed this before I started my workday —
    now I have something to chuckle about all day!

  • somebody reads rh comics blog


    check it out two days ago

  • I wonder how long it will be til I see this technique cropping up in commercial work. I’d love to see someone try this with a more integrated soundtrack and a higher framerate. Imagine if ALL the pictures were moving instead of just one or two at a time! I wonder what this filmmaker will come up with for their next work. Hopefully they’ll continue to explore this technique.

  • Awesomely clever. I especially enjoyed how the sink served as the pool for the wolf to swim across.

  • Amazing! That is full of clever surprises. It’s a descendant of George Dunning’s ground breaking Damon the Mower (a film I wish was more available).

  • Mitch Kennedy


  • Adam Van Meter


    The clever use of the picture plane was my favorite part of this – the way it rotated around the photo to change from a rear view to a forward view, for instance.

    Gotta love that humble ‘thank you’ at the end, too.

  • amid

    Jim: Are you kidding me? This video is blowing up viral all over the Interet. I certainly didn’t see it on that site you linked to because I’ve never even heard of it.

  • Sues

    For me, this stands alongside Muto as another piece of experimental animation that’s so mind-bendingly creative that I can’t help but just sit, emasculated, left to wonder what I have to offer to the medium.

  • Genius!

  • rhinotonight

    AWESOME, wolf hat.

  • Paul Bates

    As amazing as the short is… did anyone else just want to keep that pig? The pig model is delicious!… its so… piggish?

  • I loved it! Although probably not as much as the guys at the photo lab where the artist went to reveal his film rolls ;-)

  • Jim

    “left to wonder what I have to offer to the medium.”

    Sues, give yourself more credit than that. I’m sure you and others have plenty to offer animation aside from the technical arena. This piece was a strong technical showcase with some very clever ideas, but the narrative was basically nonexistent and there’s no reason that the ‘story’ couldn’t have been made with a number of other techniques. I dig the style a lot, don’t get me wrong… but I find myself wishing the style was linked more closely to the content and that the piece had more substance. Otherwise it just comes off as a fun gimmick. Hopefully the artist or someone else mimicking his style can do more with it in the future…