A Yom Kippur PSA A Yom Kippur PSA

A Yom Kippur PSA

A Yom Kippur Public Service Announcement from Jake Rosenbaum is a film by Scott Roberts & Daniel Klein. Roberts is an artist, animator, and associate professor of animation at DePaul University. The voice work is by Jake Johnson, who’s currently co-starring in the film Paper Heart with Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi.

  • RoboFingernail

    Damn, I can’t imagine going a whole day without at least rubbing out a quickie…

  • Katella Gate

    Hey Jerry!

    Got any animated ditties about Muslim Masturbation for Ramadan lined up?


    Didn’t think so….

  • jew-who-knows-stuff

    Technically- according to the Torah, you’re not supposed to masturbate EVER. (I look for loopholes to that rule) You’re not supposed to EAT on yom kippur. Usually when you’re fasting, masturbating is the last thing on your mind anyway. Thems my two shekels. Happy New Year everyone.

  • Thanks for the tip! This iconoclast knows what she’s gonna be doing on Yom Kippur.

  • Keith Paynter

    Oy gevalt!

  • Matt Sullivan

    Man, I wish I was jewish. There’s like 20 jewish holidays this month and people never come into work. I wish i could do that but there aren’t any holdays for ex-catholic agnostics.


  • NakedTuesday

    Damn do people in real life get away with taking off for that many Religious holidays?

    The college I went to didn’t even give us off for normal real holidays…

  • NakedTuesday

    haha, sorry and by “normal real holidays”.. I mean mainstream big holidays like Easter.. no knock on any religions intended

  • WTFman

    Not a good enough save, nakedtuesday. Easter is a christian holiday. Your so called “mainstream big holiday” would be veterans day or something not religious.

  • mashuguna chick

    can i flick my bean? LOL!