Aardman’s <em>The Pearce Sisters</em> Online Aardman’s <em>The Pearce Sisters</em> Online

Aardman’s The Pearce Sisters Online

After being denied an Oscar nod for Best Animated Short, Aardman has posted Luis Cook’s award-winning short The Pearce Sisters onto AtomFilms. The fim’s official website is here and the site offers some interesting details about how the film’s unique look was achieved. Well worth a view.

  • Ok thats weird. I just watched this in class yesterday and we have to draw some storyboards from it. Thanks Amid…

  • How did that not get nominated? It’s awesome.

  • Hahah…loved it! Been wanting to see it for a while, and I’m happy they put it online, although I’m sad they won’t be an Oscar contender.

    I found a site a couple of weeks ago where they discussed how it was made. Basically…they rendered all of the shots out in 3d, then printed them out and had 2d artists draw overtop of them…creating a really neat conglomeration between 2d and 3d.

    Great job to all involved :)

  • this is one of the most innovative and exciting pieces of animation I’ve seen in a very long time.. thanks so much for posting it!

  • Hey, this is a very good film.

    There were a lot of amazing animated shorts this year, more than usual perhaps. The selection of Oscar nominees this year is a lot better than last year’s, at least, even with this film missing. And it has already garnered many awards from other festivals, so I wouldn’t be too worried about it.

    I hope that Aardman does more work like this (heck, maybe even a feature?)

  • Wow, that’s really something – I love how it has such a great sense of depth when it moves, yet the composition of any given still has that careful 2D finesse.

    As far as story goes, it reminds me of Gilliam’s Tideland for the oddest reasons.

  • Visually, it looks interesting. Storywise was like watching paint dry on the wall.

  • Chuck R.

    Wow, grisly. But, like almost everything Aardman does, this is really fresh and well executed, and it probably points the way to the future.

    More and more films will take a “mixed-media” approach to getting stories told. Also, 2D will need to be mindful of surface textures and hand-drawn effects to re-assert itself as a viable alternative to the dimensional, but overly-polished look of 3D animation. There’s a lot here in the way of technique for the big studios to chew on.

  • Fabulous! Smoked like a kipper! Peter Greenaway should make the live-action version!

  • Quite a sardonic observation of human nature.

    While I may not agree with the artist’s personal statement.

    I was persuaded thoroughly by beautiful cinematic direction, excellent pacing, interesting characters and solid animation. A well crafted film I must say. I wish we would expand our own sensibilities in America, to weave stories that tackled more themes, other than those that relate to children.

    This film does just that.

    And for that I hold it in high regard.

  • I love dark humor. Funny! And of course, lovely to look at. But then, this is Aardman, after all.