Accumulonimbus by Andy Kennedy Accumulonimbus by Andy Kennedy
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Accumulonimbus by Andy Kennedy

An experimental animated short by Brooklyn-based animator Andy Kennedy, Accumulonimbus depicts various objects moving around in a spin cycle. The sophisticated patterns and rhythms of movement are mesmerizing, and a reminder of how animation can create moods and experiences that are not possible in any other medium. Kennedy’s website has an extensive behind-the-scenes section that shows how he made the film in stop-motion as well as the incredible amount of pre-planning that went into its making. The music, which I felt worked against the visual timing in certain instances but which grew on me during the second viewing, was composed by Kennedy too.

(Thanks, Mike Rauch)

  • Hal

    Well, this certainly was a fantastic viewing experience!

  • Isaac

    This is brilliant.

  • Ben K.

    Really amazing work!

  • Jay Sabicer

    It could’ve been sub-titled: Life in a Laundromat. Herculean in scope, I’m surprised it was a one-man operation. Amazing hybrid of stop-motion and compositing. I’m not surprised if he’s been offered jobs at Aardman or Laika.

  • What a creative and technically impressive piece. Thanks for posting this.

  • I prefer this one over the Michel Gagné piece. It has texture where Gagné just has perfect vector. It has elements interacting with each other where Gagné only has synchronicity. Gagné might be a firework, but basically he’s just mickeymousing every note of the music, which, especially with his style, could’ve been done by a program as well.

  • Great work, Andy!

  • wayne

    Excellent work of art.Well done!

  • Wow, beautiful stuff.

    Besides being expressive and masterfully rhythimic
    (i really dig the music too!)
    the level of animation is super-impressive… I mean,
    everything is moving so WELL!

    Andy is too talented. :)

    Between this piece and a GREAT piece he animated for
    Yo Gabba, he’s really knocked my socks off… amazing!

  • already seen it a few times. really great andy.