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Acme’s Show of Shows on DVD


If you have any desire to watch and own some of the best animated shorts of the last twenty years, Acme Filmworks has just released 18 DVD compilations of these films – available individually or in three box sets.

The filmmakers on these sets are a virtual who’s-who of the best contemporary independent animators: Cordell Barker, Borge Ring, Mark Baker, John Dilworth and on and on. The shorts collected include Bill Plympton’s THE FAN AND THE FLOWER, Gaelle Denis’ CITY PARADISE, Marv Newland’s ANIJAM, Virgil Widrich’s FAST FILM, Chris Landreth’s RYAN, Michael Dudok de Wit’s FATHER AND DAUGHTER, Paul Driessen’s 3 MISSES, Wendy Tilby & Amanda Forbis’ WHEN THE DAY BREAKS, Koji Yamamura’s MT. HEAD, Richard Condie’s THE BIG SNIT and Joanna’s Quinn’s GIRL’S NIGHT OUT, amongst many others.
You can buy them on individual DVDs (containing three shorts each) for $5.00 or you can obtain all 54 shorts in three box sets for $30 $90 bucks. An incredible bargain if you ask me. The DVDs are only available through AWN’s and the AWN Store.

  • Chuck R.

    A good deal, but not quite as good as described.
    I’m seeing sets of 18 shorts for $30. And the whole kit and caboodle for $90.

    Still, a great collection of rare gems. Thanks (as always) for the heads-up Jerry!

  • Zach

    That is a great collection! It’s good to see people are still paying attention to Richard Condie, Cordell Barker, and Marv Newland. I grew up watching a lot of their work (strange, I know), and I don’t hear about them nearly as much now. I’m pretty happy about these DVDs.

  • mwb

    Now I’m torn.

    The price is good but 18 DVDs is an atrocious waste of space and DVDs. I recognize they are doing it to keep the price of individual DVDs low, but still.

    I’ve gotten a number of the shorts via iTunes but they have a chunk that I still want (especially Newland’s Anijam which I’ve been wanting on DVD for a while.)

    There are still a ton of shorts from festivals gone by, which still aren’t available that I want desperately.

    And the best way to encourage the release of more of these is to support this, so I’d better just buckle down and make so more space on my shelves.

  • Still, thats less than a pound a short over here – its a great collection of films, I’ve ordered and am looking forward to watching these on my pc – just a shame they’re ntsc only…

  • Chuck R.

    If memory serves, Jerry once did a great list for the Whole Toon catalog of the “50 Greatest Cartoons” and where they could be found on home video (mostly VHS, I believe). I’d love to see an updated list —which would include “The Big Snit” and “The Cat Came Back”

    With The Looney Tunes Golden Collection and The Disney Treasures sets out there, I’m sure you could get your hands on a lot of them!

  • RR

    Looks good at a first glance, but… only THREE shorts per DVD? I agree, that’s a tremendous waste of space and is not a very good deal for what you’re payin for. By contrast Judge and Hertzfeldt’s “Animation Show” pack hours of content onto a single one of their DVDs.

    Does anyone know if there are any special features on these things?

  • Chris Sobieniak

    In the past, we had some VHS releases from a company called “Expanded Entertainment” (operated by Animation Magazine) under their “Animation Celebration” and “International Tournee of Animation” festival compilations. Those tapes though went for like $30-50 a pop when they were available.

  • Leeanne Geldsorge

    All I can say is hope the artists are getting a fair shake and decent cut… 3 shorts/dvd sounds like someone is trying to milk someone – and who is making the big profit???? PS Artists: REFUSE to sell rights for all time in all territories!!

  • JFP

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