“An Abstract Day” by Oerd van Cuijlenborg “An Abstract Day” by Oerd van Cuijlenborg

“An Abstract Day” by Oerd van Cuijlenborg

An Abstract Day is a 2009 experimental short by Dutch animator Oerd van Cuijlenborg that has just been posted on-line. The film uses semi-abstract imagery to visualize the sounds in the daily life of a couple. (Note: Audio is NSFW so wear headphones.) The film is unique enough to stand on its own, but intentionally or not, it owes a debt to a UPA industrial film that John Hubley made called More Than Meets the Eye that represented sound in a similarly abstract manner.

  • Really smart and beautiful! Gives credence to what Chuck Jones used to call ‘illustrated radio’.

  • Thanks Amidi, I unfortunately never saw ‘More Than Meets the Eye’ by John Hubley, although I love his films and they’ve definitely been an influence to my work. I’ll definitely will find and see this film by Hubley BTW.
    : )

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Anything from Hubley is just downright gorgeous!

  • Sarah

    neat stuff!

  • Isn’t it interesting how a visually attractive film can be made somewhat ordinary by a mundane soundtrack? The film might have felt a bit more daring with a good music track.

    Thanks for mentioning Hubley’s ‘More Than Meets the Eye,’ that’s certainly a smart and pointed comment.

    • Not to put music for once was a deliberate choice (Almost all my previous films are based on music. I guess it’s with many films, this works to greater advantage on the big screen.
      : )
      Is there anyway to see the film ‘More Than Meets The Eye’ anywhere, I can’t find it on the web…or on DVD.

      • amid

        I’ll try to upload the Hubley film sometime. Can’t say when, but just stay tuned to the site.