Mushka Mushka

Andreas Deja Reveals “Mushka” Teaser Trailer

Andreas Deja is a modern-day animation legend. He worked for 30 years at Disney where he was responsible for classic characters such as Gaston in Beauty and the Beast, Jafar in Aladdin, Scar in The Lion King, and Lilo in Lilo and Stitch. He left the studio a couple years ago to focus on personal projects, including producing independent animated films. This morning, Andreas teased audiences with a preview from his short film Mushka, featuring a girl and tiger as the lead characters. The film, which will be animated in a colored pencil style, is “a story of love and sacrifice set in Russia.”

On his blog, which also includes development sketches of the characters, Deja pointed out that he still has a long road ahead of him. He’s been working on story and pre-production this year, and plans to animate the film in 2013.

  • Toonio

    Holy Mamushka! time to dance in joy!

    Can’t wait for its release.

  • M.R. Horhager

    Excited to see classical 2D animation continue – especially at the level that Mr. Deja is doing it.

  • mark

    Beautiful animation, but his attempt to write “Mushka” in Russian on the model sheet is so naive, there is a special Russian letter for the sound “sh”. What he wrote would sound something completely off.

    • It’s development art for his own personal reference. It’s not a Russian spelling bee.

      • mark

        I just thought he might be interested in the correct spelling of the word since he chose to write in Russia, not attacking your hero, Amid

        • J

          My Russian is nowhere near perfect, but it seems like a minor mistake.”сч” is very close in sound to the letter “ш”. There is a difference but a non native speaker’s ears would probably wouldn’t pick up on it. Regardless, why call Andreas naive? You mention his animation like it’s a side note to a great grammatical injustice. How about just saying,

          “Hey Andreas, beautiful animation and I appreciate you taking the time to give them Russian names and write it in Cyrillic letters, not transliterated. But you made a small mistake that will stick out to a Russian speaker. it’s Мушка, not Мусчка. And if you have any animated objects like a water bowl with the tiger’s name on it, that’s one less letter to animate!”

          Same point but you won’t have had to insult Andreas or Amid in a follow up.

          • J – I wish we could hire you to rewrite other readers’ comments and make people sound polite and reasonable.

          • J

            Haha Amid, thanks! :) But I think Cartoon Brew readers are by and large reasonable, intelligent, and polite. Go to an average news site and readers usually add nothing. It’s amazing how the comments will show you that any story, on any subject, in the universe is Bush/Obama’s fault! I never knew!

            Anyways, I’m sure you are a good fellow, Mark. I like that you’re concerned about a culture being represented properly. I’m also sure you checked your comment for grammar. Here’s the key to being respectful. Read it again. Then ask, “If a stranger said this to or about me, would I be offended?” or “Did I just point out that I’m right(which is of no value) and not even give them get the right answer?” If so, rewrite it because I doubt that’s really what you wanted to say.

            Oh, and check out Deja’s blog for the perfect reasonable and polite response, 3rd comment (coincidence?!) That could have been you Andreas Deja was thanking :))

          • Polecat

            Ohmigosh, J. I had no idea that people as polite as you even went online. Hooray! A little bit of my faith in other people’s good will has been restored just in time for Christmas! :)

  • Cybertoon

    Maybe the girls name is Bianca-Christopher…

    Da gibt’s ‘ne kleine Zeichnung bei Winnie Puh, an die habe ich sofort gedacht,
    very nice Andreas.

    Frohe Weihnachten!

    • Cybertoon

      Don Bluth said: All dogs go to heaven…

      • Mono


  • Joel

    Great googidy-moogidy, I can’t wait to see this! ^__________________________^

  • Matthew Koh

    When was the last time someone animates with colored pencils?

  • Gianni Nugoli

    Dear Deja A. ,
    Tu sei un grande! Grazie a te,il Re leone è stato completo e mi ha spinto a diventare un animatore. Mi piacerebbe un giorno lavorare con te a qualche progetto,anche gratis :) This is in Italian language. Sorry,i don’t speak good english. :)

  • Bud

    Nice. Will be interesting to see if he can tell a story. Most animators don’t necessarily make good directors, though.

  • your neighbour

    little tiger looks fun but the little girl is mmmmm… not girlie “enough”. she walks i/s in a very common way we should feel some kind of lighteness simply because she seems to be a lively young girl. bad timing when she turns her shocked head left to right (hold on head turns with stronger and “nuancée” shamefull facial expression are requested there in order to undersand the reason why she’s turns her head.) and add weight when she put her hands her cheeks ( so we can feel the flesh.contrast always pays.) but of course if it’s a first rough test A.D will come with something far more convincing. long life to 2d animation.

    • Agustin

      Are you correcting Andreas Deja’s animation ???. Oh wait… Milt ?? is that you ?? how is it up there ??.

      • eeteed

        i’ll be so bold as to question A. D.’s design/clothing choices on the girl.

        the girl’s long torso, long limbs, long fingers, and facial proportions make her appear to be around the age of 12 or 13.

        in contrast her bobbed hair, the bow in her hair, and her very short pink skirt are all things worn by a girl around the age of 6 to 8.

        further, the hairstyle, bow, and skirt are all painfully generic.

        i’m hoping that this is all preliminary work, and that the final designs will be improved.

        • Polecat

          Gee whiz, eeteed…not all kids grow up at the exact same pace. I think she looks okay. But you’ve got your opinion, and I’ve got mine. (I guess politeness is contagious.)

    • Cybertoon

      The girl is childlike, pure and innocent.

  • Polecat

    I like what I see already. Hope it comes to my theater!

  • Mike K

    Really digging that teaser! I really appreciate the usage of colored pencil animation so I certainly look forward to seeing the finished product.

  • Mac

    I really believe this is the only meaningful future of “traditional animation” in the Disney tradition of the craft of full character animation.

  • axolotl

    This looks really good! (I’ve seen a cat jump into the air and catch a butterfly IRL! It was very impressive, we all clapped.)

  • your neighbour

    Yes it’s me,
    a young animator through prays reported to me that ANDY D. saw sometimes flaws in my animation after he finished his work on Lilo n’ Stitch on a promotional tour. For c…..sake can you believe that ?

  • M.V

    Absolutely lovely.

    I’m hoping the film is as rough as that clip. I love to see things with a personal touch. It would be a nightmare to do something like this in a studio environment. each artist has there own drafting style which would be really apparent from scene to scene. But Andreas’ drawings always look like Andreas’ drawings. So the film will be 100% his own.

    Though those holds do kinda bug me. because not only does the line wiggle but the inside shapes wiggle too. So those held drawings are REALLY apparent.

  • Manu R

    I don’t know, people who’ve worked for years in a collaborative environment don’t necessarily thrive when left without that constant supply of good feedback.
    The moment the girl puts down the cub, her body is clearly off balance for too long. Her upper body is stretched before she bends down, making it as long as her legs. And I’m not too keen on the design of the girl.
    Hate to be this harsh, but I’m convinced someone of his caliber can do better.

  • Billy Batz

    That girl is like ” Where’d the butterfly go?” ,or, she’s saying “no”( only Andreas knows). Can’t wait to see the Siegfried and Roy type ending on this film.

  • maxeythecat

    Wow….so much harsh critique for a personal project! I myself think this looks to be a very promising start to a beautiful little film and I can hardly wait to see the end result. The expressions on the tiger’s face alone tell me this is really something to look forward to and my congrats go out to Andre’ for promoting the wonder and artistry of 2D animation.

  • Olatoun

    Wow… wow… wow… when can I get this good… some 30 years from now I guess :)… well done…