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Animated American


Former Disney 2D animators James Baker (Mulan, Tarzan, etc) and Joe Haidar (Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas) have directed a new combination live action/animation independent short film, Animated American. I don’t know much about it, but I was handed a postcard announcing a screening of it at the Rialto Theatre in South Pasadena on Thursday night. Click on image above to see the full poster for the film. Voice actors Jason Marsden (Batman) and Bill Farmer (Goofy) star. It sounds intriguing. Hopefully James and Joe will write in and give us more information.

  • Ryan

    I’m intrigued. Very intrigued. Nice pulp-ish poster there.

  • Very intrigued also! And also a big fan of Bill Farmer! Jerry, when you know more, be sure to post more, please!

  • Hulk

    I saw a rough cut of this a few years ago and I promise you fellow toon-heads it will NOT disappoint!

  • Greg M.

    Joe and Jim poured alot of blood, sweat and tears (and their own money) into making this film and I hope it garnishes them ALOT of attention and reward! I just wish I could be in L.A. to see it when they show it this week! I hear that over 300 guests are coming to the screening – Whoa! Congratulations guys!

  • Joe Queen

    The poster looks great, and I hope to catch a screening of it. Is this the same “Animated American” that Disney said they acquired a couple of years back?

  • Jim

    Wow, thanks for putting this up, Jerry! Joe and I started this film a few years back after parting ways with Disney (although I’m back there now). With some time on our hands, we both realized that what we really wanted to do was direct (a cliche, I know!). This film combines a lot of things that we love: traditional animation, black and white photography, noir and even the Twilight Zone in a way. We also love live action, so it was an opportunity to show what we could do with that as well as animation.

    To give a general idea of what it’s about: we built on the conceit of Roger Rabbit and imagined what would happen to toon actors when studios start transitioning to CG. This is our darkly comic take on that idea. We should have some seats available, so if any of you diehards are interested, it starts at 8 on Thursday night at the Rialto, in South Pasadena, admission is free. It runs 15 minutes, so we’ll have a couple of showings.

    No connection to the Disney property. The poster was painted by the incredibly talented Brooks Campbell

  • This is not Disney’s film. I hope everyone gets a chance to come see it on Thursday. As great as it was in early cuts, the completed film is just amazing – well acted and directed, beautifully drawn, a cute story (maybe there’s a feature lurking in there, somewhere?), and great production values all around.

  • Please do let us know more about this film and how to see it for those of us nowhere near where it might be playing. DVD?

  • Marlon Nowe

    Can’t wait to see this !

  • Steve Gattuso

    Free? I will have to give this a peek.

  • Steve Ryder

    I saw this last night and it was awesome!!! Joe, Jim and everyone else involved rock! I can only hope that they will have the time and resources to make more films.

  • Got to see it at the ASIFA/Woodbury University event on the 18th in Burbank. Wow!

    The Black and White photography combined with James’ and Joe’s animation is charming, and, at the same time, unsettling(in a cool way).

    You gotta admire their determination in getting this gem of a film done.

    And thanks again for the poster!