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Animated Fragments #7

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Supreme Believers (Nowness edit) by Universal Everything (UK)

Fancy One by Anthony VanArsdale (USA)
Clapping Mouse

Tram (excerpt) by Rozi Békés (Hungary)

Gahhd Beckay, first dialogue animation by Karl Hadrika (US)

Vintage animation test by Ollie Johnston, one of Disney’s Nine Old Men (US)

  • AdrianC.

    I love the cycle of the mouse clapping. It’s such a simple yet appealing design and it’s just a charming piece of animation.

    Also, thanks for posting the link to his blog. He’s seems like a really talented fellow!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Made my day!

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    I expect the clapping mouse to show up as someone’s avatar.

  • I really like the “Gahhd Beckay” animation. Lively stuff.

  • Gahhd Beckay is great! I’ve watched it about ten times now. Looking forward to seeing more from Karl.

  • Carlos

    The lively “of” Ollie Johnston is so short that is comfortable to see in HD

  • Chuck R.

    Tram gets my vote.
    Wonderfully hypnotic limited movement.

  • casen

    Karl’s work always impresses me. so hilarious in the body poses alone.
    great job man!

  • Ollie! You old so and so… pencils hot!

  • AJ Gutierrez

    That girls in Ollie’s animation looks very Fred Moore like.

  • Taylor

    Woot! Go Karl! Proud to go to school with him.

  • Angel H.

    “Gaahd Beckay” is so funny! I’ve watched it at least a dozen times already.

  • John A

    Looks like Ol’ Ollie was working on his OWN version of “All the Cats Join In”