Animated Histories of Poland and the Soviet Union Animated Histories of Poland and the Soviet Union

Animated Histories of Poland and the Soviet Union

What follows are two very different approaches for using animation to teach history. Both films successfully condense long periods of time and information into digestible length. While neither of these animated projects should be viewed as substitutes for actual historical study, they go a long way toward making history appear exciting and accessible.

An Animated History of Poland is an eight-minute CGI history of the country. The film’s nationalist bombast is obvious but understandable considering that the government commissioned it for the Polish Pavilion at Shanghai’s 2010 Expo. It was directed by Tomasz BagiÅ„ski at Poland’s Platige Image.

A more curious project is “A Complete History of the Soviet Union…Arranged to the Melody of Tetris”, which is a music video for Pig with the Face of a Boy. Director and animator Chris Lince uses a mixture of live-action and animation, but it is the latter animated elements which make this a memorable and effective piece of storytelling.

  • droosan

    It’s a bit on the ‘whimsical’ side .. but MOVING ON by Shelia Graber actually got me seriously interested in history, when I saw it as a 10-year-old kid (it was an oft-recurring ‘bumper’ on Nickelodeon, in its very earliest years).

  • Darkroar

    I actually liked both… The Soviet Union one gets really catchy as it goes on… :)

  • Any cartoon that shows the Winged Hussars of Jan Sobieski (1683) is OK in my book!

  • Its down, anybody has a link for the full version?

  • animated history of poland
    this one will probably stay on youtube, it seems to be the official channel

  • George Zaleski

    Bombast? Heck I loved seeing the history unfold. Lech founding the country, the adoption of christianity by the Piasts. I found it a little odd ending on the EU flag. but hey it works.