Pear Cider and Cigarettes Pear Cider and Cigarettes

Animatic for Robert Valley’s “Pear Cider and Cigarettes”

The incomparable Robert Valley (Gorillaz, “The Beatles: Rock Band” cinematic, and character designer on the upcoming Tron: Uprising series) has posted an animatic for a personal short film that he’s working on called Pear Cider and Cigarettes. Fans of Valley’s aggressively angular figures and dynamically staged animation will be in for a treat. No word on when the film will be completed.

  • Kartoonz Kritik

    Wow. Extremely cool.

    My only critique would be that the pacing seems a bit off at times with the text. Of course that could also be just me spending too much time wanting to take in the entire visual and not reading along quick enough… still I found myself stopping and pushing it back several seconds to catch what I just missed.

    Some of the angular design and color work is striking in a way that brings to mind some of the similar exploration seen in Eyvind Earle’s work.

  • James Madison

    Can hardly wait to see the finished product!

  • Brad

    This is awesome. I love all his work. I read this in his Massive Swerve comic, I think. I got it at comiccon a few years back and it came with an amazing DVD of his animation.

    I’m wondering if the subtitles are just placeholders for narration though?

  • Bud

    Neat looking, but my interest waives a lot because the main character has no character. All style and no little substance is certainly OK for a short film, even if this one does go on a few minutes too long.

    • Daniel

      its definately more a decorative design then a functional one.. and it loses appeal with me as well because the designs don’t function to show character or performance.. only to look “cool”

  • Pretty nice, had a little trouble with the speed of the subtitles, but I assume they are just a placeholder?
    Love the music and the style. :)

  • Gerry

    Robert Valley is the Ken Mundie of 2012. That is a high compliment.

  • Man, love everything this guys does, great style.

  • I love Robert Valley’s work. If you don’t already have it, do yourself a favor and pick up the “Massive Swerve” art books that he put out a few years ago. Totally worth it.

  • Rock & FUCKING Roll, man.

    Can’t wait.

  • ‘ Reading ‘ this animatic as it plays throws me back when i get lost in some graphic novel. I can really feel the mood that is created. The visuals with the music all adding to the atmosphere, making the story easily play out in front of me.

    I’m thinking this is where it can go.
    I’m not sure if animating it further is really needed.

    I love where we can take in the visuals as the panels are held, and our imagination can fill in the rest.

    Excellent moody work. Looking forward to see how this works out.

    • Tom

      Definetly agree with everything you said. I think it works so well like this, like snapshots from the family album.

  • KB

    Looks and feels amazing. Gets me excited about animation as “unique voices and Perspective.”

    Some constructive criticism is that although i was engaged by the style,and intrigued as to where the story was going,…”Techno” is a totally unsympathetic character. He seems like an A-hole and i don’t feel bad for him in the least and wonder what is redeeming enough about him to make his friends care.

    Fix this and you have pure gold. Story and characterization is everything. Why should we care beyond the prettiness.