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Animation Block Party 2010 Winners

The seventh annual Animation Block Party wrapped up in Brooklyn last Sunday. The event’s organizer, Casey Safron, has created a unique and worthwhile event. When I attended on opening night (my first time at Animation Block), there was an enthusiastic crowd of over one thousand people who had gathered on the lawn of the Automotive High School to watch animated shorts on two big screens.

I served as a member of the jury along with Rachel Simon of World Leaders Entertainment, Dave Schlafman of CloudKid, and Ramin Zahed of Animation Magazine. The judging procedure for Animation Block differed from other festivals I’ve judged in that the jury’s picks were averaged instead of attempting to form a consensus amongst all the members. Below you’ll find our choices, each of whom will receive various software packages and other prizes

Two of the winners–Barbara Benas’s Always Only Ever and Kyu-bum Lee’s Death Buy Lemonade–will also be appearing shortly on Cartoon Brew TV’s Student Animation Festival. The Best in Show prizewinner, Old Fangs, is embedded above.

Best in Show: Old Fangs by Adrien Merigeau, Ireland
Original Design: Paper Daydream by Jun Iwakawa, United Kingdom
Computer Animation: Urs by Moritz Mayerhofer, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Experimental Film: Pink Spray Paint by Carly White, ENSAD, France
Music Video: Spacious Thoughts by Fluorescent Hill, Montreal, Canada
Narrative Short: Bygone Behemoth by Harry Chaskin, USA
Student Film: Always Only Ever by Barbara Benas, CCAD, USA
Minute or Under: How to Lose Weight in 60 Seconds by Dave Carter, Australia
Documentary: Perista by Kim Weiner, RISD, USA
Audience Award: Death Buy Lemonade by Kyu-bum Lee, Sheridan College, Canada

  • I attended the Sunday afternoon screening and was extremely thrilled by what was shown. “Old Fang” especially stood out for me for so many reasons: the art direction, the layouts, the animation and especially the sound design were all top notch. The scene with the father in the cabin, with nothing but creaking noises was just bone-chillingly frightful.

    Among my group of friends and family, the favorite film at the Sunday afternoon showing was definitely “Something Left, Something Taken”. Given its humor and it’s appealing look, it’s easy to see why. Still, “Old Fangs” was the film that really left the strongest impression on me personally.

  • lola

    Old fangs won? Huh. Style looks good but I didn’t think it was particularly great and outstanding in any way.

  • sandra

    the lineups at bam cinematek were incredible, but sadly i missed opening night at rooftop films :(

  • I was at the opening night screening. It was a fun night! It was great to see all my SVA friends there watching films with us. A really nice selection of shorts all around.

    It was definitely worth the hellish drive through Brooklyn to get there.

  • VG

    Some things in this short are interesting, like the colors and the atmosphere, but the story and the dark development i don’t like so much.

  • Dino

    Stunning film– gorgeous art direction, amazing mood.

  • Nice one Adrien… and the cartoon saloon too

  • Bygone Behemoth was wonderful and witty. Had a lot of fun seeing some of these :D

  • pizzaforeveryone

    old fangs is a really beautiful and haunting film. I love it.

  • visually Old fangs was very appealing and different in a good way. It had a strange and distubing mood but it wanted to be that way. it is good to see something a little different from the mainstream

  • I am thankful to be able to have my film (Sneeze Me Away) selected for this festival. As my first animated short, I was humbled by screening next to some truly amazing animation. Old Fangs is a great short, and I think it deserved to win.