Animation by Alberto Mielgo Animation by Alberto Mielgo

Animation by Alberto Mielgo

I’m a big admirer of Albert Mielgo‘s paintings, and have often thought of scrounging up some dough to buy one of his acrylics, which might be described as a kind of stylized photorealism. I also think it’s great that he shares his skill and singular vision with the animation industry, mostly working on various UK-based projects. Recently though, instead of just designing backgrounds, Alberto deigned and animated four pieces entirely by himself, and the results are out of this world. The cinematic inventiveness and painterly approach to lighting give these pieces a unique feel that I’ve never seen before in animation, and frankly I want to see more of it. The four pieces (three of which I’ve included after the jump) are for a project called Pinkman.TV and were created with Photoshop and AfterEffects.

(Thanks, Chris Garbutt)

  • OMG, amazing work, beautiful backgrounds :)

  • Chuck R.

    The one on stress is my favorite, although they’re all great. They seem to be calling cards for commercial work. I’m betting he gets some.

  • ayb

    wow… top notch. great sound design as well…

  • Sara H.

    Love these, thanks for sharing!

  • Wow, those are fantastic. I wish someone would produce (i.e. I wish it were commercially viable to produce) a feature film that looked like this.

  • don’t mind rotoscope

    Nice use of rotoscope….

  • that boy is a regular supre dupre fellow…. these are just tickety boo

  • wow. Now that’s a great digital look, in that it’s very hand crafted and organic. Painterly animation is something I’d love to see more of. animation started with contour drawings traced on to celluloid, so that it could be easily filled in by an army of cel painters. This was a limitation of twentieth century technology. Why do we keep nostalgically carrying it forward as the only way to do things? Anyone who has used art rage, painter, or alias sketchbook can tell you great strides have been made in simulating organic art mediums, so why not slap an easy to use timeline on these programs? why does 2d animation (like princess and the frog) have to look like it came from the 40’s? wouldn’t it be great if 2D animation was freed from the confines of contour line?

  • Not only Alberto is a genius, he is one of the most terrific guys you can meet. A very majo chaval from Madrid!

  • Though i’m not a fan of Rotoscoping at all, Alberto certainly has a talent for painting.

    “Stress” is probably my favourite here. With the “Pill” a close second, for really nice character design.

    • Wei Jun

      seriously that’s not rotoscope, it’s frame by frame animation.

  • Uli Meyer

    Alberto is one of the most talented young painters out there and an amazing animator on top of that. A lot of you might have seen his work on the Beatles Rock Band promo. He’s a terrific guy, just as Oscar mentioned before, so much talent and no big ego.