Animation Tag Attack Animation Tag Attack

Animation Tag Attack

Animation Tag Attack is an ‘exquisite corpse’ animated short being made by artists from around the globe. Thus far, artists from Denmark, New Zealand and Israel have contributed. Each artist is allotted one month to complete their portion of the film, and sequences are posted online as soon as they’re completed.

I’m not familiar with any of the animators who are participating, but the work they’re turning out is remarkably fresh and sophisticated. Here are the four sequences that have been completed to date:

(Thanks, DeK)

  • i saw this the other day and i agree-this stuff has a very, very cool look to it. i think animation lends itself uniquely well to the exquisite corpse type thing. and thanks – always can count on you guys to cover everything that’s out there…

  • Our buddy Ned Wenlock is the NZ artist that created the last part…

  • YES! A new species of animation!

  • Brad Constantine


  • Neat Suff