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“Animation Tutorial Part 1 aka The Secret of Animation” by Giovanni Braggio

For his thesis film at the Animation Workshop in Denmark, Giovanni Braggio made a helpful tutorial to teach the masses how easy animation can be:

  • Jeremy Burnett

    that was awesome

  • Jen Hurler

    That escalated quickly.

  • Mrack

    Does someone say to themselves, someday I want to grow up and animate a on a CG cartoon feature production? So I’ll train at that job by simulating it at home? Dream!

  • GW

    That was hilarious. I didn’t understand everything the first time because of his accent and quiet voice but I caught the important parts. It’s pretty awesome trip through misperception-land. It wasn’t part of the film’s goal, but it shows the gap between how boringly computer animated characters usually behave and how interestingly they can behave when they have reason to. It reminds me of how animated cartoons from the late 20’s and 1930’s would occasionally have moments that resembled modern art but few took more modern styled animation seriously for years afterwards.

  • martin

    hahahaha. great tutorial.

  • Tim Hodge

    Loved it!
    Definitely in the vein of “Duck Amuck”, but very fresh.

  • What a great ending! This has to join the ranks of the most creative demo reels ever made. Haven’t laughed so hard in a while.

  • mick

    become an animator in one year they said…. it’s a man’s life they said….

  • OtherDan


  • Aaron

    This is REALLY cool

  • Russ Causley

    That was awesome. Great job.