“Anna Blume” by Vessela Dantcheva “Anna Blume” by Vessela Dantcheva

“Anna Blume” by Vessela Dantcheva

Another short making its online debut after several years on the festival circuit: Anna Blume, directed by Bulgaria-based Vessela Dantcheva. The film is “visual poetry about the lust of a man chasing a woman; a surreal journey dictated by the mind of the poet.” Actually, I’m not exactly sure what its about, but I can’t take my eyes off it. The film was completed 2009 and had a successful festival record of more that 80 screenings, winning nine awards. Check it out:

  • Nice. Anna the palindrome. Quite a trip that.

  • GG

    Kurt Schwitters was a Dada genius, collagist, typographer, constructivist who invented an esthetic he termed Merz, the basis of his sculpture and concrete poetry. Much of his work was destroyed during Allied bombing. “Anna Blume” interpretes this eccentric word play, in a sense, brings it back to life in cartoon form. I love this film; what does it mean? Does it matter?

    For more delightful puzzlement see a bad copy of another animation (attached) based on Schwitters poetry. Shot on Imax; shown at Ottawa way back…