“At the Opera” by Juan Pablo Zaramella “At the Opera” by Juan Pablo Zaramella
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“At the Opera” by Juan Pablo Zaramella

A perfectly short short: At the Opera from Buenos Aires-based Juan Pablo Zaramella:

  • Tom Pope

    Too awesome.

  • Hah! That really was a perfectly short short.

  • Dana_T

    Loved it!

  • pure inspiration.thanks for sharing.

  • Donald C

    I smirked.
    Really a cute short.

  • Gummo


    Very well done — set up, joke, and out.

  • Que lindo!!!! Con mucho humor y buen disenio.

    Tambien, muy buena direccion y tiempo.

    Tenes mas peliculas online? (Yo tambien soy porteno, viviendo en Canada)

    Felicitaciones Juan Pa!!

  • Grimmy

    Proof that brevity is the essence of wit.

  • Stephen M. Levinson

    I loved it!! Short, simple, beautiful!

  • now that is good… it has style, humour and solid concept… plus (the unutterable in this ‘ironic’ age) effort

    three cheers and a massive round of apple drinks

  • So simple, clever and well executed. Bravo Juan Pablo!

  • masoud gerami