<em>Badflavr.com</em> by Arthur Metcalf <em>Badflavr.com</em> by Arthur Metcalf

Badflavr.com by Arthur Metcalf

An impressive young talent who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting since moving out to NY is Arthur Metcalf. A self-taught animator, his first short, Fantaisie in Bubblewrap (2007) has become an audience favorite at the few festivals it has played at so far. Today, Metcalf released a new one-minute hand-drawn cartoon exclusively online, Badflavr.com, starring Kitteh and Puppeh. Watch it below. The humor derives from the seemingly indefatigable lolcatz, but even if you’re becoming worn out from that meme, the cute kitty really sells the piece. The cat’s typing skills and two-pawed mouse usage garnered a good laugh from me because it’s so skillfully and humorously animated. More about Arthur Metcalf at MetcalfLovesYou.com. His experimental “holiday card” on YouTube is also worth a view.

  • dawwe

    Well it was short but good. I quite enjoyed it. Though I would have liked seeing some more extreme expressions.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Actually, I’ve seen the result of people being exposed to “2girls1cup” before. Stunned silence tends to be the prominent reaction…


  • Somehow, “disappointment and heartbreak” is almost a funnier reaction than most of the typical revulsed “AAaoooohhhhh!” ones…

  • Ecccchhhh!

    Yeah “AAaoooooooohhhhhh!” was definitely my reaction to ‘2girls1cup’. I looked it up cuz I didn’t understand the cartoon. Now that I’ve seen it though, I still don’t quite get the cartoon. What’s the joke here?

  • DI

    Yeah, thanks Amid– a mildly okay kitty cartoon built on Webgeek in-jokes, leading us curious but uninformed types to a clip of girls eating poo. Great.

  • agouti_kappa

    I think the w00f! at the end was funny….

  • Wow, who would’ve thought that an innocent-looking cartoon would lead me to a nightmare when I looked the video up on Google.

    Thanks…just thanks.

  • Alberto

    hey, that’s not what the music from 2girls1cup sounds like.