“BAKA!!” by Immanuel Wagner “BAKA!!” by Immanuel Wagner

“BAKA!!” by Immanuel Wagner

Swiss animator Immanuel Wagner makes quirky little animated films when he gets a chance. His latest, BAKA!!, was screened last month in Annecy. Doesn’t get quirkier than this:

  • richard fox

    wat a wunerful anymayshen!

    this is the type of creativity
    that makes me get up in the

  • I’m really happy to see this on Cartoonbrew! I was pretty surprised when it wasn’t shown in Solothurn (something of a Swiss film showcase) this year. It’s certainly the most original Swiss short I’ve seen in a long time.

  • obj_solid

    I’m not sure what I just watched, but I’m pretty sure that was amazing.

  • That made me laugh hard

  • I loved this! This is my favorite kind of animation: loose and expressive. Also, the blue creature’s nose is bizarrely sexual.

  • Carina

    Is there a new trend where non-Japanese people make cartoons in Japanese? I noticed the recently posted Canadian film “Junko’s Shamisen” also had all character dialogue in Japanese (though that made more sense since the story was set in Japan… I’m really confused by the choice of Japanese for “BAKA” though…). If this is possibly an increasing trend, what would be the reason? It would be interesting if Japanese came to be known as the “language of animation”, the way that Italian was for operas for a long time…

  • Ryoku

    I tried sitting through this but lost my patience a few minutes in, nothings going on and the animation looks like it was done with children and crayola markers.

    That and subtitles or Japanese dialogue, why?