“Bear” by Carlos Lopez Estrada “Bear” by Carlos Lopez Estrada

“Bear” by Carlos Lopez Estrada

Director Carlos Lopez Estrada has been working ten months on Bear for Venice, California based 3 Round Burst Productions.

Boy: Garren Stitt
Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada
Producers: Andrea Riveron, Sarah Lawson and Christian Heuer
EP: Edgar Romero for 3RB
Director of Photography: Larkin Seiple
Production Design: Tyler Jensen
Editor: Trevor Durtschi
VFX Supervisor: Diego Dominguez
Sound Design: Matt Schwartz
Original Score: John W. Snyder and Johnathan Snipes

  • B.Richards

    Great promise with a Lego connection, but needs a better story. Surreal with no weight.
    Left me in smoke.

  • It did capture my attention of wondering what’s happening to the kid, but it was too confusing for me.

  • Andrew Kieswetter


  • fwishes

    … This team needs a dedicated writer to kick everything up a notch. I didn’t think I’d ever see such an obvious premise in a featured short.

  • I’m glad to see another work of Carlos’s featured here! I was the lead animator on his stop motion ‘Me Voy’ music video a few months back and he’s a great director to work for. He always gathers an excellent creative group around him and creates interesting projects. Carlos is a versatile director for sure as is evident in how utterly different this is from his last animated work!

  • The Shrimp

    Obvious premise? I don’t know if the premise is the point here. It’s more of a mood piece. I’m as much of a fan of concrete story as anyone, but not everything needs to have a concrete story to be interesting to watch. I, for one, thought it was really cool. Can’t wait to see more from these guys.

  • Spencer

    This is a great little short! Marvelous animation on the bear and great imagery. I only wish for a little better compositing to enhance the depth of the room and the reality of the bear in it. Also moments like the apple in the boy’s hand kind of took me out of it a bit.

    But animation aside, this is a great little short! Simplicity is key in a good short, and this practices just that. To simply and efficiently display a theme like change and maturity, and not clutter it with cliches and unnecessary “cine-clutter” is something to recognize.

    Nice job to all involved!

  • Lessons learned:

    â–ºPainted Legos look really sloppy.

    â–ºIt is possible to use a dripping can of paint on a shag carpet without being murdered by one’s mother.

    â–ºEating bear puke has consequences.