<em>Bio-Hazard</em> by Andrew Falicon <em>Bio-Hazard</em> by Andrew Falicon

Bio-Hazard by Andrew Falicon

Bio-Hazard is a thesis film produced at SVA by Andrew Falicon. It’s a funny short with plenty of send-ups of anime conventions and absurdist non-sequiturs sprinkled throughout. Part of its humor derives from the production problems that Falicon experienced during the making of the film. He explains in the YouTube description:

“[The film was] due near the end of April, and in mid-February in a freak slip of the finger on my keyboard I deleted a folder containing all the scanned animation for about 40% of the original work. BUT ITS COOL BECAUSE IT WAS BACKED UP ON DVD, RIGHT? WRONG, my DVD drive then stopped working, and then the two DVDs were corrupt when I tried them on another PC. So I had to cut out 30 % of the film, rearrange it and GET THAT SHIT DONE. In 2 and 1/2 months…”

  • red pill junkie

    The plot was kind of hard to follow for me.

    Having troubles with your final assignment at rush hour is certainly not a funny experience, but it’s a really good way to learn about how to adapt to circumstances beyond your control.

  • Ahnajulie

    Wow, THAT happens to people? I thought THAT only happened to me. Good animation though!

  • A lot of 4th years had their films screwed up this year. Some just had to redo the audio, others suffered major computer crashes losing vast amounts of footage. A friend of mine’s Mac crashed about three weeks before the film was due, but luckily he was able to do most all of it over before time ran out.

    I don’t know how or why this happens, some of the teachers told me it happens every year, like an annual epidemic. Some, like my friend, were able to fix the problem, others weren’t as luckily. At least Andrew here was able to salvage him film & make it presentable. Nice work, man!

    I hope I don’t run into problems like that in my senior year, but knowing my luck I’ll get into some sort of situation when the time comes.

  • Todd Jeremy

    There should be a backup drive that works for a change.

  • Tom N.

    What about the recycle bin? an Undelete utility?!

  • Andrew

    Woah. How’s THAT for a weird feeling!? *I* just went to the SVA showing a couple weeks ago! :O Just goes to show what could happen when one of the Brew members is local!

    A lot of the films were excellent! But being a college grad too, I also experienced the hardships of disk drives crashing, but on a less personal level.

    The plot was hard to follow yes, but I think it wasn’t the focus on the project.

  • YES! This was, by far, one of my favorite films at the SVA film screenings. Once again, Andrew WINS at life!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I’m probably one of those that will look to it as being ‘unfinished’ if only due to the plot. I say it has a good beginning, interesting middle, but a rather didactic end that only gives me some idea of what happened to at least one of the kids in that (if it was even aping what goes on in most anime today, it’s probably the reason why I don’t watch those particular ones to begin with since I”m not up for the ‘talking head’ stuff).

  • I remember this being one of the more finished looking films at the screening and there are some really nice drawings in it, and some inventive camera angles (which I’m always a fan of). Good stuff, looking forward to seeing more from Andrew.

  • Realizing, that it’s a send up of anime, I think the hard to follow parts are a parody of the anime series plots that are frustratingly hard to follow at times.-Terrific job!