Bob Doucette's Pink Triangle Bob Doucette's Pink Triangle

CalArts Experimental Animation Online

Bob Doucette’s Pink Triangle

CalArts: 20 Years of Experimental Animation, 1970-1990 is a website that offers for viewing nearly twenty experimental shorts created at CalArts. The selections were chosen by Jules Engel who started the experimental program at CalArts, and includes works by many well known names including Joanna Priestley, Paul Demeyer, Henry Selick, Kathy Rose, Gary Schwartz and Eric Darnell. The image above is from Pink Triangle by Bob Doucette.

(via Motiongrapher)

  • Jules was a marvelous teacher. Many of his students went on to work in character animation as well.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Cool to see that page up. Years ago I once spotted a tape at the library filled with a number of CalArts’ experimental student efforts including a few highlighted on the site like “Animus”.

    • David Weldon

      Great. So did I, but all the libraries here have thrown out their tapes and I can’t remember the title of the tape. Do you remember what it was?