Calling All Nerds! Calling All Nerds!

Calling All Nerds!

This one’s for you. It’s in Klingon!

This piece of Klingon Propaganda is brought to you by Mark Farinas San Francisco based Bad Monkey Studios.

(Thanks, Patrick Lake)

  • it’s pat

    Right after i submitted this here, I went to the facebook page of an animator friend to send it to him… and found out that he unexpectedly passed away at age 31. I wanted to share the memory of Ben Spurgin. RIP friend. He was a guy with many talents and a heavy metal guitarist as well as an animator who entertained people with hundreds of thousands of views of his cartoons on newgrounds- I will just repost what his collaborator said.

    The 2009 Star Trek was a movie that Ben watched over, and over, and over. I believe he called it his favorite movie. He would have absolutely loved to see klingon animation on cartoon brew. thanks Jerry.

  • Dear JJ,
    Klingons apparently look hella awesome when depicted through overt comedy-communism, rather than the traditional half-arsed non-committal racism.
    Good advice for next time. Keep up the good work.
    Sincerely, Me.

  • I wish that they had stylized the look of this thing further to help detract from the overall “Flash” look of the final product.

  • christy


  • Klingons love Flash

  • was loving it until the hinged animation became blatant. besides using drawn animation I would have also tried to get Michael Dorn to read it. great idea though.